Mazdaspeed EPIC NATOR MEAT 2014 – Spencer’s Review and Wrap Up

Oh the wonders of the East Coast. Potholes, 80mph in a 55 zone, Toll Roads and EZ Pass, humidity and some of the greatest people you will ever meet!

Kim, Brydon and I had the wonderful, nay, EPIC, opportunity this year to attend the EPIC NATOR MEAT put on by a few members from . Sadly we had only a day and a half to hang out with hundreds of people, watch some drag racing, and join everyone for a Dyno Day. This is a one of the greatest events you can attend and has arguably the most knowledgeable people currently driving Mazdas all in one place. Not only did we get to see 500+ horsepower speeds at the event, but we got to witness some of the cleanest looking, most original, most unique and even the world’s fastest Mazdaspeed 3, all in one place.

Here are some of my Highlights.

  • Hanging out till 3am in the parking lot and back patio of the hotel and learning more than I ever thought possible about Mazdaspeed’s, among other things…
  • Rolling from Philadelphia to the Dyno Day and running into a crew of 6 or so Mazdaspeed’s who had no idea who we were in our weak little Honda rental.
  • Eating some Killer food at Buca di Beppo and hearing so much passion and love of cars during the conversation.
  • Finally getting to meet so many people that I’ve had such wonderful conversations with on the phone, through email, through PM, or in threads.
  • Getting out of the Northwest rain and finally getting some Sunshine!


Some of the Worst Parts

  • Arriving at 8am to the Dyno Day after a red eye flight leaving at 6pm the night before with a layover in Phoenix. Ugh.
  • Not having my own 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 that got left back in Washington.
  • Having to leave around 1:30 on Sunday.
  • Not bringing shorts, the weather was beautiful.
  • Accidentally buying  bottled water that was $4 at one of those incredibly terrible and yet wonderful, quick stops in the middle of the highway. Place was a zoo and WAY to expensive.
  • Walking into the wrong room at midnight.


Time for Drag Racing


Kim at the Drag Day doing some Social Media Updates


The World’s Fastest  MS3 and Crew Getting Prepared for the Drag Day


Mazda’s only for Dinner at Buca di Beppo


Some of the Lovely People at the Dyno Day


Halfway through the Dyno Day, Check out those Numbers!


Flame Shooter


The Unexpected Mazdaspeed Crew we caught Rolling to ENM



Thanks for everything.


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