Introducing Mr. Jason Griffith!

Cool Stuff

I mentioned last time that I’d tell you all a little bit about myself during my next blog post, so here it goes. My name is Jason Griffith, I am the new product development engineer here at Corksport. I am dedicated to streamlining our product development and expanding our ability to bring a wider variety of products to market while continuing to improve and promote our long time quality at a reasonable price.

I’m an all around car guy, worked in the aircraft and robotics industries for the last five years and I’m glad to finally make it into an industry that I have been passionate about for years as an enthusiast. Over the last 10 years I’ve built a few interesting cars and have really enjoyed the challenges and dynamics of standalone engine management and forced induction applications.

Some of the things I do in my spare time are design over-the-top intercooling systems, engine speed / angle and phase sensors for adapting aftermarket EMS’ to older engines with distributor ignitions, and working on friends cars (last few were a 1JZ powered ’80 Corolla and a Z31 Nissan w/ VG30DET running a Holset HX40W off a Cummins Turbo Diesel).

Some of my other goals here are to increase the number of mechanical parts we carry by using state of the art CAD and finite element analysis software. I’m an avid SolidWorks fan and I love designing machined parts for function and form.  My personal opinion is that form should always follow function, but that doesn’t mean that well designed systems shouldn’t look the part in the process.

I’m also a total geek when it comes to testing and control systems – I love designing mechanisms for measurement and systems analysis.  From thermal datalogging systems to model intercooler efficiency and behavior over time and temperature variation to mechanical measurement systems for mapping camshafts and understanding piston kinematics – I simply love learning.

Which is the other reason why I am here, not only do I love to challenge myself with new exciting opportunities to increase my fabrication skills and familiarity with Mazda, but I also love bringing out the engineer that lurks within every enthusiast.  We are creative beings and automotive design and tuning puts creativity and applied engineering into the hands of each and every one of us.  Working on cars and trucks made me decide to go back to school and become a design engineer and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

I’ve got parts to design, talk to y’all soon.  Feel free to drop me an email with any questions or thoughts you may have for new product development – we’re going to add a section to the website for product idea submission in the next quarter as well.


Alan Webb Performance Meet

In this age of multi-brand dealerships it’s not too often that you get to visit a Mazda only dealership, let alone a NEW Mazda only dealership. Most of the time the dealers are selling at least one other brand with the Mazda product line but not this time.  Alan Webb built a new store for their Mazda franchise and had a performance meet / BBQ to celebrate the grand opening.  Of course, I attended the event (on June 26th) and brought along one of our cars.

Anyone with a Mazda was invited to the event and there was a range of vehicles that showed up including some vintage Mazda hardware; an RX2 and RX3.  The Mt Hood Miata club and RPNW (Rotary Power North West) made up the majority of cars that attended the event, but there was cars from all over the area.

I brought along the CorkSport project RX8 to the show to display the new CorkSport RX8 tower braces.  The RX8 definitely gets lots of looks driving around.

Alan Webb stopped by the show as well and his comment about the CorkSport RX8 was “That car is hot!”  I didn’t take the opportunity to give him a hard time about driving a 350z convertible to the show, next time I will.

A special thanks to Colin in the parts department at Alan Webb for getting the whole show together.


Considering the Mazda 2

This is a message for Mazda North America; Why is the Mazda 2 not in North America?  Ford no longer has their hand in the cookie jar so what is the hold up?

I have various personal theories as to why; it will cut into Mazda 3 sales or perhaps production output for the 2 isn’t high enough. The economy is in the tank so we know Mazda isn’t at its max capacity. People are broke! We cannot afford the more expensive cars so a smaller car like the 2 makes sense. Its biggest competition would be the Fit, Yaris, and the soon to be offered Fiats. The Mazda 2 gets great gas mileage, and would argueably be car the best in class if Mazda sold the DI diesel model in the states.

Personally I want one because they are super light and prime for upgrading. I would try and fit a 2.3 DISI engine under the hood. Actually, I will fit a 2.3 DISI engine under the hood! A lightly modded 300hp DISI engine in a 2100lb car would produce an absolutely crazy-fun car to drive. Even in stock form the stock 1.6 liter is rated at 120 hp and torque.  If/when Mazda brings the car to the North America you can bet we will be getting more power out of that engine.

When I was in Tokyo last year I had the opportunity to ride in the AutoExe tuned Demio heading to a lunch meeting with them.  The car is just like a Mazda 3 in terms of fit and finish.  The interior was nice, not over the top.  Despite the 2 being small it was not uncomfortably small for 4 adult men.

There are rumors we may actually get the Mazda 2 late this year but nothing is available to the dealers yet.  Cross your fingers!


Derrick Shares his Thoughts on the New MazdaSpeed 3

There have been lots of pictures and postings on the internet about the new Mazdaspeed 3, Mazdaspeed Axela, or MPS3 (depending on your location on the planet).

After the first few looks at the car I thought that the front end looked a little off with the ‘happy face’ Mazda came up with.  However, after looking at the car overall, the style and design has grown on me.  With the new body styling, wheels, and stance I think I like the upcoming car more than the older Mazdaspeed 3.

Several things which really stand out to me in the new car are the lower body line which comes up and over the rear wheel well.  From a front view this integrates really well with the styling of the car.  I am really digging the new headlights and taillights as well.  The evolution of the car was a good one.

2010 MazdaSpeed 3

I really want to get a good look under the hood to see the changes to the intercooler and intake system.  So far I have not found any good pictures of the engine bay.  I will probably have to wait a few more months or until we receive our special-ordered MazdaSpeed 3.  With the hood scoop in the new location the CorkSport Ram Air FMIC kit we sell should really make some impressive power gains at speed.