Jake Needs Your Help!

Before starting work here at CorkSport a little over 2 months ago, owning a Mazda had never crossed my mind. Now that I spend the majority of my waking hours working on them, I am starting to spend other hours of my day dreaming about them (You would be surprised how many more Mazdas you see once you start looking for them). Being a CorkSport engineer gives me great enjoyment in designing parts that make cars go faster and handle quicker. However, owning a Jeep Grand Cherokee and being able to use parts I design on my own vehicle limits my options to, well, nothing.

That being said, I have been looking into upgrading from my current ride to something a bit more work friendly, not to mention more fuel efficient (not that I don’t love getting 16mpg in town). Now that I no longer live in the land of eternal snow (Minnesota), my need for an SUV has diminished greatly (however, my love for AWD has not).

I love the look and handling of the MS3 hatchbacks, but would really enjoy the AWD and comfort of an MS6. That leaves me contemplating what my next vehicle and/or next work project should be (an AWD MS3?).

Any suggestions would be more than welcome.


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  1. I’m like you – I never thought about owning a Mazda. I’m a die hard Subaru geek and have been for about 9 years now. Then, one day, I picked up a 1.8L V6 MX3 so I didn’t have to put so many miles on my WRX. You know what, I love my MX3. Sure, its slow. However, its a hoot to drive in the twisties. I need something with AWD/4WD for winter time so I’ve been looking at Mazda trucks. Most people dump them, I’d like to go the other way and lift it (I do work at an off-road store :D).

  2. Jakey that Jeep is a piece of junk indeed!
    I’ve always wondered if the AWD system from the MS6 would fit in a MS3. If you do it you will instantly become my hero.

  3. Would the added weight make it counterintuitive? Would you still be happy with the cost of a project like that vs. something not as work friendly but still tunable with money saved? Ultimately I would LOVE for this to be a feasible option to play with on my MS3!

  4. If you really what a great project find yourself a 6 wagon or hatch and swap in the entire drive-train from the speed 6 for some AWD estate fun, and it should be nearly plug and play. If not that then I would say FD, FC or Mazdaspeed NB.

  5. get the MS6! I have a friend that has one, and he loves it. the traction in that thing is sick!

  6. If you value branding consistentcy, I am sure that you and your employer would be very pleased
    to see your MS6 in the company parking lot everyday. However, at the risk of offending everyone here,
    also consider Subaru products <;)… We have both Mazdas and Subies at our house, and they
    get along just fine. You will find similarity of engineering design philosophy in many areas,
    and AWD is a given. Just my opinion.

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