New Mazdaspeeds? You Heard it Here First!



Motortrend recently published this Article in their magazine. If you can see it, the article states that Mazda is planning a Mazdaspeed 3 in 2016, they list the details that have been floating around for months, 2.5L Skyactiv, Turbo, 300hp, AWD….. tell us something new!

We just want to point out that this is old news. In fact we even quoted Motortrend quoting their “source” back at the start of November saying the exact same thing!

Check out the post that is almost word for word the same article:

As if that wasn’t enough, we also pointed out in August an article found a few places on the internet about a MS3 in 2017.

In the article we say: “According to Ryan Beene at the next Mazdaspeed is planned for 2017.”

We also discuss the likelihood of AWD which we had previously pointed out in November of 2013! That’s over a year ago!

See that one here:

Now before you get upset that we are just pointing fingers and saying “we said it first” I hope you realize that this is actually a good thing! The more that we share a rumor, and so does other reputable sources like Jalopnik, Motortrend, AutoNews and more, the more credibility it gets! I doubt that the rumors of AWD, 300hp and it being a MS3 are that unlikely when it seems everyone is reporting on them.

So, more props to you MotorTrend! We are right there with you and look forward to 2016, 2017 and all the new cars Mazda brings us!





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