Mazdaspeed 3 Coming in 2017 with AWD!


UPDATE: Masahiro Moro, president of Mazda USA, called the Mazdaspeed 3 “childish” in execution. What does that mean for the future of the Mazdaspeed model? Find out.

According to Ryan Beene at the next Mazdaspeed is planned for 2017. At first glance we might assume that this is purely more rumors, but upon further inspection we see that there might be cause to believe him.


First of all, Ryan Beene has been vouched for by several other automotive sites and journalists. Over at they state “Having known Beene for a number of years, I can say that his information is to be trusted more than the typical buff book “anonymous sources” accompanied by some fanciful colored pencil sketch or computer rendering.” also states: “Automotive News’ Ryan Beene, who has covered Mazda in depth, is rather reliable. This is a good thing.”

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So apparently we should listen. We also see some of the first reasonable explanations for AWD and a Turbo. As we have discussed previously, the new Mazdaspeed will most likely share the AWD from the CX5 platform. See the article here: // where we also happen to quote Takeo Mariuchi, the program deputy manager as saying “from a technical point of view it’s not difficult to install a four wheel drive system”. We also showed some interesting photos showing the rear of the CX5 and 2014 Mazda 3 that appeared as though it would be rather simple to add the AWD.

Nonetheless we put our stamp of approval on this statement.

The second thing that he brings up, that we can stand behind, is the fact that he believes the engine will be the same as the one used in the CX-9 launching that year. This would not surprise  us at all since it would help shave cost, and engineering work on Mazda’s behalf.

There is a lot more info in the article, so feel free to read the full article here:


I’ll summarize the rest of his interesting points here otherwise:


Mazda 2: Redesigned Mazda 2 production starts in November and he expects a sportier Mazda2 with a modified intake and exhaust as an option.

Mazda 5: This will get killed off by 2015 due to lack of interest.

Mazda 6: An interior redesign for 2016, new center console, smaller dash that sits lower. Similar to the Mazda3.

Mx-5 Miata: Debuts in one week. Will have a SkyActiv 2.0L liter engine (no word of a turbo). More exciting though is the news that Mazda is planning a fastback-style hardtop version.

Rotary RX-7 or Rx-9: They are still working on it, should be 2 seats, not 4. No word on when.

CX-3: This should go on sale next June. Built on the same platform as the Mazda2.

CX-5: Fresh interior for 2016 and new front and headlights.

CX-9: Redesign for 2017 with new KODO language. Turbo Engine 2.5L that will be the same as the Mazdaspeed 3.


Of course, Ryan still doesn’t quote any sources or give any proof, but we definitely are willing to believe all that he says!



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Mazdaspeed 3 Coming in 2017 with AWD!
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Mazdaspeed 3 Coming in 2017 with AWD!
What does that mean for the future of the Mazdaspeed model? What will the next Mazdaspeed 3 look like? What engine will the new Mazdaspeed 3 have in it? Is Mazda building a 2017 Mazdaspeed 3 with AWD? According to Ryan Beene at the next Mazdaspeed is planned for 2017. At first glance we might assume that this is purely more rumors, but upon further inspection we see that there might be cause to believe him.
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15 Replies to “Mazdaspeed 3 Coming in 2017 with AWD!”

  1. I’ve just modified the suspension on my new 2015 2.5L CX-5 AWD GT today. It’s would be a great stablemate for the speed and could compete with entry level audi and Mercedes CUV’s with stronger motors. Corksport rear sway bar w/Hotchkiss brackets, ultra racing chassis bars, and H&R Springs.. Handling is mostly where I want it now (could use some adjustable rear endlinks but not a priority right now) Just need rear camber arms (Corksport :)). Already have C/S Intake and Exhaust. Maybe if they use the 2.5 as a basis for the turbo engine it may be feasible to convert the NA to boosted. Time will tell.

  2. If this happens I will give the new model 1 year to work out the kinks and for performance mods to be made and tested for it and for a tuner to be made before trading my modded 2012 MS3 but I sure hope they do it.

  3. the one thing im happy about is the return of the speed 6 i hope it comes true. trading in my 06 speed 6 babylol

  4. Oh I can’t wait for the new MS3 to get to my dealer.i have a 2010 Speed3 with 24k miles,only drive on the weekends and ready to trade for the 2017 Speed3 with 325 hp and 4wd it’s going to be a blast to drive!!!

  5. Transmission ? Six speed auto with paddle shift I hope, gearshift is a thing of the past, push button start, rotary drive select park, drive, reverse. Blind spot detection, rear camera, and all the other safety stuff. Metallic blue.

  6. It’s 2017, Mazda doesn’t give a rats ass about making a Mazdaspeed 3 anytime soon, if ever.

    I won’t be trusting this site to give any reliable information. Wahp wahp.

  7. You can trust that technical information is 100% correct. We would love to see a new speed released, but it’s not looking too good right now for sure.

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