Let’s Do This, Mazda: Mazda 6 Coupe, CX-3, & Mazdaspeed 2016

Let’s keep this simple. You want the juice, the news, the lowdown, the gossip on everything Mazda….

Well good news! We have some great rumors for you here, and a little dose of truth. Let’s take a dive.

Mazda CX-3

First up, the Mazda CX-3. This lightweight, compact crossover should be going toe to toe with the Nissan Juke and other compact SUVs. Rumor has it that it should be powered by the 2.0L SkyActiv, likely the same one in the Mazda3. To be clear, this little gem won’t have to be waited on for very long. The CX-3 is set to release next spring, and better yet, debuting at the LA Auto Show in less than a month. Yep, we should have our hands on this guy sooner than later!



2016 Mazdaspeed

Then again, you probably didn’t come here for news on a compact crossover that has killer gas mileage, room, and the practicality of a sedan/suv/compact car blended into one. You’re probably here for this: the 2016 Mazdaspeed. Though there still aren’t any confirmed dates or models, we keep getting “insider rumors”. According to Motortrend and their “insider”:

“What gets added to the lineup in addition to those cars is the interesting bit… the company plans to focus heavily on development of niche products, or in other words, special editions.” 

Special editions? Sounds like Mazdaspeeds to me! Any other “special editions” you can think of? Nope. I’m sold. Motortrend also states that a 2016 Mazda 6 Coupe will be released (see their rendering below).





As exciting as a coupe is, we tend to be bigger fans of Hatchbacks, specifically hatchback Mazdaspeed 3’s. So what does Motortrend think we have in store?

Another important niche model is also planned for 2016: the much-anticipated Mazdaspeed3. This hot hatch will employ a 2.5-liter Skyactiv G turbocharged gasoline engine pumping out more than 300 hp and incorporating a new lightweight all-wheel drive system. To add even more spice to the company’s lineup, we can also expect to see Mazdaspeed versions of the Mazda2 and Mazda6.”

Wait, what? Mazdaspeed 3, Mazdaspeed 2, and Mazdaspeed 6? I’m all ears. 

But will it happen? Looking at Mazda’s past, they certainly have touched most of their smaller cars with the hand of Mazdaspeed. Protege, MX-5, the 3 and the 6 all have been turboed and “Mazdaspeedified” before, so doing the 3 and 6 again is a no brainer…

But the 2? I think it’s highly possible. Most likely, the Mazda MX-5 will get a Mazdaspeed version before any of the other cars, and then they’ll dump the same engine in the new Mazda 2. Why not?

Whatever Mazda decides to do, we’re pumped. Looking at the models they have cranked out in the past 2 years have been impressive and we are very excited for more models and specifically their “niche…special editions”.



Sources: Jalopnik | MotorTrend

Spencer CarsonWritten by Spencer Carson. Spencer is a car enthusiast and Mazda fan at heart. Whether enjoying the power of a modified Mazdaspeed 3, or driving top down in his 1992 MX5, he always enjoys getting behind the wheel. As much as Spencer loves driving, he loves helping out other Mazda owners even more. Whether helping at a local install day or heading to a car meet across the country, he loves chatting about Mazda and giving advice on how to get more Zoom-Zoom out of any car. 

7 Replies to “Let’s Do This, Mazda: Mazda 6 Coupe, CX-3, & Mazdaspeed 2016”

  1. I own a 2012 speed 3 and I will be 45 yrs. old by the time the next gen. mazdaspeed3 comes out. If mazda is indeed coming out with a new mazdaspeed 6, that will be more my speed. However, if they don’t the new mazdaspeed 3 will suffice:) thanks corksport for the updates!!

  2. one of the biggest regrets in my life was getting rid of my 07 MS6. I was getting laid off and got nervous about money. Wish I had kept it.

  3. I owned a speed 6 fron October 2006 the best car I owned in my life 250000 miles le going strong

  4. I’ve had my 06 speed 6 for quite sometime now121000 miles and the best car I’ve owned. 2016 speed 6 would be the next thing in my garage hands down
    Hope it happens

  5. I own a mazda 6 2014 since november 2013. It s a grand touring snowfllake white with ivory almost white and black interior. Reallly nice. But i think it needs a little bit of more torque . I miss it when i am in a rush and press the gas it hesitates a little . After that is ok.
    So for those cases and more fun i will prefer it with manual trans. Hope they make the speed 6 grand t with stick. Now the manual is only for base model.
    I already saw the 2016 Miata. Is wonderfull but i need a sedan.
    Just curious. Is Mazda already separate from Ford.?

  6. As usual, Mazda answers with complete silence.

    I was forced to get rid of the 2006 redfire MS6 I owned due to my visceral reaction to some poor hail damage repair every time I caught sight of the car and have thus been unable to find another example with less than 40,000 miles on it.

    Sadly, it appears that Mazda really doesn’t care about we, the enthusiasts who have made their brand what is now, or we’d have another tunable toy to play with until the higher-power version is introduced.

    So thorough is their divorce from performance at this point, that they’ve removed any reference to the mazdaspeed skunk-works from their main US page.

    As of last week, I’m waiting on a Focus RS. Sadly, now is probably the time that they will announce the rebirth of the car I really wanted to buy.

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