Did you know that CorkSport uses your product ideas?!
That’s right!

We’ve been committed to an unprecedented amount of customer involvement in the product development process. From ideas to beta testing, we keep our Mazda community involved throughout the procession of product development processes.
We even have write-ups and reviews from our beta testers that give an insider view of the products they’ve been testing! Some customers have been generous enough to pull together guest blogs from events and shows where they had our beta parts and released parts installed.

The way we see it, no one is more likely to run our products hard than our customers and race teams! So we put them to the test ourselves at the track and have our trusted customers give us feedback on installation, performance, and drivability of parts they are running.

Product and process sneak peaks are dropped into the 7th Gear Membership group on a weekly basis. Where you can see everything from 3D printing, to test fitment and data logs of our upcoming products.


Do you have an idea that you think CorkSport should explore?!
Submit your product ideas here!!

Our engineering team will weigh your idea and see if it’s something we can take on!

Whether you’re looking for power, styling, or just increased comfortability of your Mazda or Mazdaspeed, submit your idea and who knows, your idea might be something EVERYONE has been waiting for!

Until next time, stay safe, stay fast, and stay happy my friends.



  1. I own a cx5 2016. I hate the display. Love the car, hate the display. I think what irritates me the most is that it is locked up when the car is in drive. Why is this annoying? First, the little know thing is in no way less distracting than using the touch screen. In fact I feel it takes more attention. Second, what if my passenger wants to add a navigation address, or change the radio station? Again the knob is time consuming and inefficient as well as is pulling over and putting the car in park. May I suggest you make the display accessible while driving. If you are concerned about safety and want to maintain the limitation on the driver, then make the display interactive when someone is sitting in the passenger seat. Much like the passenger seat belt light. Second, fix the radio options so scrolling and scanning are easier to use. One vehicle whose display I really like is the KIA Soul. Easy to use and my passenger can still use the screen while I drive. Thank you, Melissa Kass

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