2010 MazdaSpeed3 First Dyno Results

MazdaSpeed3 Dyno

Just got got the 2010 Mazdaspeed3 off the dyno after doing some installs and have some results to share.

The Dyno run went great for the 2010 MS3. It’s bone stock with three mods – CorkSport Power Series Racepipe (80mm with factory 65mm outlet) and CS Power Series Intake w/ Turbo Inlet and a set of CorkSport Motor Mount Inserts. Each of these products will be released shortly for the 2010 MS3 including some revised design considerations for the new 2010.

The stock baseline numbers for the 2010 were 231hp 269tq (73.8F/45%Humidity). With the two mods, it hammered down 272hp and 301tq (78.7F/43%Humidity).

41hp gain, 32ft lb of torque. Boost went from factory 16.4psi to 18.6. $388! Can’t wait to see what it picks up with the downpipe.

If you have a Speed3 without any exhaust modifications or haven’t added an intake or a turbo inlet pipe, hit me up…there’s power on the table right in front of you.


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  1. Wow! Nice gains. Did you do any runs with just stock vs. Power Series Intake? I’d be interested to see how much the gains were on the 2010 with just that mod.

  2. i purchased an 2010 mazdaspeed 3 a few weeks ago and i connot wait until these products hit the market. My car is as stock as it gets and is screaming for more. Great number. Im excited to see hp numbers from intake and cat-back for those trying to keep there factory warranty for a while, like me 🙂

  3. Air filter, CAI, SRI, just do what you have to do and get it on the market NOW please!
    Gotta stop the ‘suffocation’ of my too-new MS3!

  4. We’re going to be releasing most of them next week (Oct 5-9th), and we also finished up the test fit of the Downpipe last week and hope to get some Dyno numbers after I get the installation videos and instructions completed.

  5. OH MAN, I CANT WAIT…..not going engine mod crazy but want an SRI or CAI for my speed!

    You all in contact with any companies about suspension stuff? That’s what i’m really wantin…

  6. hey Jason I am interested in mods for the speed 2010 let me know when the test pipe will be avaliable for sale!


  7. any word out on when you are releasing the SRI for new speed? i saw in the blog above Oct 5-9th….but i cant find anything on the corksport site 🙁

  8. Jason, You said to contact you if we have a completely bone stock speed 3 and there was power infront of us…. so where do i pick up these extra horses? I was told that the stock exhaust was tuned and better than any aftermarket exhaust and that was new for 2010… is that true?

  9. raymond, I’m guessing your dealer told you that? The 2010 exhaust is more restrictive in my opinion than the 2009. It uses a giant canister muffler at the back to support the dual tailpipes, and although it omitted one of the two resonators in the midpipe, I can tell you firsthand that replacing the entire exhaust from the turbo back or any singular component of that exhaust system will make power. We have the dyno slips to prove it. Adding the intake, downpipe and racepipe (not even including the catback portion of the exhaust which we have tested but not dyno’d) picked up 51hp and 41ft lb of torque. That’s power left on the table. Our exhaust components are tuned better than stock. Whoever told you that was mistaken – which is a good thing! 🙂

    The intake and racepipe are available on our website now incase you were wondering:


    We’re just ironing out some design changes on our downpipe and that should be out shortly. We’ve also got a set of motor mounts that we have released but aren’t on our website yet.


  10. Is installing this CRI can be done by ourselves? It’s not too difficult?

    And does the battery need to be reset (to reset the ECU) after the installation on our Mazdaspeed 3?


  11. will deleting the second catalytic converter to replace it with the test pipe void the warranty on the car?

  12. Not unless it actually damages parts on the car. My blog post next week is on the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act and will further answer these questions.

    On the motor mounts, you can find them in the 2007-2009 MS3 section for now and just put in the notes that you have a 2010 and we’ll make sure to get you the right instructions. We’re having some difficulty with the Drivetrain section on our website.

    You can certainly do the installation yourself. And yes, you have to remove the battery to get the turbo inlet pipe installed, so the ECU does reset.


  13. Hi…
    I come from Greece and a friend of mine interests in buying the 2010 mazdaspeed 3…!
    I can see the huge gain of power in the midrange rpm’s but after 5000rpm there is a loss of power comparing to stock setup…

    My friend cares to use the car in ”friendly drag races”… This loss isn’t good for this job…

    Is it going to be fixed with your final exhaust and the FMIC???

    After installing those 3 parts (exhaust, intake, FMIC) I guess that the boost will increase too much, don’t you think that a good aftermarket ECU will be needed???

    Please advise

    (FD3S owner)

  14. Give me an email to Derrick at Corksport.com

    I can give you some answers on the power gains and ECU question for the Mazdaspeed 3.


  15. looking to spice up the 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 with some good bolt on mods .. any comments hit me up thanks.. my car is bone stock an only 1600miles needing more looking for the on the table HP gains .. nttrider003@yahoo.com

  16. I’m buying a 2010 MS3 this weekend. Test drove one today and i fell out of love from a long relationship with my 02 Nissan Altima and into love with that Mazda. Zoom zoom baby! It would be great if corksport could do some kind of pre-order special like a lot of aftermarket companies do this way it gives people something to look foward to and gives CorkSport a ballpark range of how many people want these parts.. FYI there are other companies who have already released CAI and WAI/SRI (warm air/short ram intake for those who don’t know) with “dyno” results. Anyways im subscribed.

  17. Have a 2010 speed 3 I installed a injen cai and a turboxs vta blow off valve. Do u have a suggestion on what company of down pipe and test pipe and also fmic to buy?

  18. Also I am looking for a good web site or forum that talks about any performance minded issues for 2010 speed 3’s. Also I have the typical CEL after installing the injen cai and the vta turbo xs blowoff valve. Any cures that work to clear this problem, would b appreciated

  19. I am curious about running a down pipe on the street. Also I would like some suggestions for an after market exhaust that sound really good. I have a 2010 mazda speed 3. I have installed an injen cai and a turbo xs vta blowoff valve. I am also getting ready to install a fmic. Thanks Kit

  20. Jason, there’s an entire exhaust upgrade found in your corksport store for the 2010 ms3. How much power will the car gain with that + CS SRI w/ inlet? Will it generate more power compare to just CS racepipe + CS SRI w/ inlet?

    thanks in advance.

  21. Yes, we recommend our products! Check out our website and take a look at the 2010 Speed3 parts we offer.

  22. CorkSport, oops, sorry I meant the AUTOEXE Sports Muffler for 2010 MS3.. Will that add additional power on top of CS SRI w/inlet + CS racepipe install? I looked in the page and it did not mention hp/tq increase with that muffler… Please let me know. Thanks.

  23. The AutoExe sports muffler is just the muffler section of the exhaust. There is a little bit of power to be gained but not much when compared to the CorkSport cat back.

  24. I just got a 2010 ms3 and was wondering how to get the most power out of it I guess I’m asking is what are the beat mods for it?

  25. Get the the Intake, Racepipe, and Mount Inserts. Bang for the buck they are the way to go.

  26. Hello , name is Anthony well here we go this may be a nob question since I’m new to the ms3. But I read lots and lots of conflicting information upon the corksport racepipe on these 2011 ms3. So here is my question this is my daily ride and family car. Lol yea I said it family car, the only mod that I have done was install a racepipe and resonator delete, but just want to be same without compromising the car. I’m really not looking for crazy gains I just the sound of the deep drone it has now. But on all the forms out there I read about smoke here and there, back pressure , fuel pump , PVC valve and exc….. Iv always though for turboed cars a little more free flowing on the exhuast was a little better. I just need some truth. Is this same or not , if not I do still have my stock to put back where the racepipe is. Thanks

  27. Anthony,

    There are a lot of opinions out on the internet in regards to the racepipes. Our experience on our shop Mazdaspeed 3 has shown you can install the racepipe trouble free with no smoke from the exhaust or a need to upgrade the fuel pump, or compromise of your Mazda.

    If you start upgrading past the above modification you will want to purchase a device which allows you to monitor fuel pressure to see if you are approaching the fuel pump limits. We recommend the COBB accessport which allows you to tune your Mazdaspeed 3 for more power and future modifications.


  28. Thanks you so much Derrick, what would be the next great thing with compromising. I will get the access port when I do come up with the money for that. But as for right now, what would be the next step? Would just the inlet to the turbo be good enough or just get the intire unit.

  29. If you are going for the stealth look the TIP will help out with power when used with the stock airbox. The stage II will give more power though.

  30. Do you guys have any AFR logs for the above dyno? Why not post them with every dyno you post? It’s kind of important to see what happens to the AFRs whenever a mod is added.


  31. Went to A Cobb certified Tuner w a Dynopack Dynometer & Cobb Pro tuning software. I have a 2012 Speed3 w a Corksport SRI stage 2 intake (TIP ) Corksport racepipe , resignator delete & TurboSmart BPV set to full recirculation. Results were 257.6 WHP & 306.1 WTQ on a modified Cobb tune, boost set to 16.5 to keep it safe until I do the CDFP internal. My AP reads boost pressure at 18.4 on WOT runs,..boost spike?
    What would my crank HP be? I keep hearing different drivetrain loss numbers .

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