The Most Exciting Car Parts Order Ever?

Every CorkSport Part in Triplicate Please

I get as excited as anyone when I have car parts on the way. I check the tracking number 10 times a day, watch the front door like a hound dog, and sprint to the door faster than a K04 can spool when I hear a doorbell.

“Here! Finally here!” I triumphantly yell as the UPS, USPS, Fedex or other friendly mail courier hands me my package.

I don’t care if it’s a new turbo, a FMIC, or simply some new windshield wipers for safety, I can hardly contain my excitement. When that delivery man knocks on my door, if any friends are around, I practically bowl them over as they dive for cover.

“What is wrong with you man? It’s just car parts! You are WAY to excited.” They say.

I have become known as the “excited!” one, around my friends.

Then I found this.

No way. If you thought I was excited before, just wait till this bad boy pulls up to my driveway. What car parts do you have for me today delivery man? ……. maybe just…… AN ENTIRE CAR….. or every single CorkSport Part known to man, maybe it’s a new built engine, 4 sets of wheels and tires, a twin turbo setup, a front mount intercooler, coilovers, swaybars, and a small pet elephant.

That box is HUGE.

Honestly I have no idea what is inside, or even if it’s car parts, but I can tell you one thing. I want it, and if that box showed up outside my house, I might have a heart attack from excitement.

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