Quick 0-60? How fast can you stop?

CorkSport Big Brake Kit

Mazdas come with a good braking system but a simple brake upgrade will make a huge impact.

Got Brakes ?


A great upgrade choice is the CorkSport Big Brake Caliper Kit. They work great in both hot and cold conditions. This 4 piston kit is crafted from an extremely lightweight billet aluminum and is made to last on and off track.

After shaving over 16lbs of weight and ramping up your stopping power the feel and look of these brakes will clearly make your Mazdaspeed look sick.

Here is a great example of deep corner driving & passing. Without some powerful brakes you would be pushing the limits of factory abilities. Much thanks to Steven Kritzberg for the video.


The Big Brake Kit is a sexy add on and very useful. The installation isn’t too hard to tackle, take a look at the video below . Perfect fit for the Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed.


CorkSport Install Video


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