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Bye Bye Ford. Mazda has confirmed that the Mazda independently designed Cx5 chassis and engine technology will be the new platform for the next generation of the Mazda 3 and the upcoming Mazda 6 replacements.

So what does this mean for Mazda? This shows that the haters in the automotive press, which in 2009 said that Mazda doesn’t have the engineering capabilities to develop a new platform, once again have no idea what they are talking about. Take the quote from Aaron Bragman, Auto Analyst for IHS Global Insight, posted in a TruthAboutCars article in December 2009, “The reality is Mazda is too small to do it on their own…Ford may have other options. They’ve got a European organization that is very good at developing small cars.” In other words, Mazda might want to start looking around for another partner.

Fast forward to today and Mazda has launched a whole new platform that incorporates stronger, lighter, ultra-high tensile steel in its construction, brand new SKYACTIV technology that employs a range of green technologies to increase fuel efficiency, and a clearly defined goal of where they want to be in the next 10-15 years in the automotive landscape.

With news of the soon to be released Cx5, the concept car Mazda 6 replacement the Takeri being shown, and the drawings of the Mx5 popping up the future looks really good for Mazda.

(Picture Above Courtesy of Top Speed)

I am really looking forward to the news that Mazda is looking to offer a 2 door Mazda 6 in the future. It has been too long since the Mx6 left the Market back in 1997 and the only 2 door North America has seen since is the Mx5.

Takeri Mazda 6

This just goes to show that Mazda is not a company to be underestimated.


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