The Elusive Mazda 2

In early April I placed an order for a green, Touring package, 5 speed Mazda 2 the first day you could order one. I made it clear that I wanted to get one of the first shipment vehicles with the dealership. Several weeks later I received a call that I could not get a green Mazda 2 touring model with a 5 speed transmission before the end of July at best. The reason being is the first several productions of the Mazda 2 there were no green touring 5 speed models built. There were green models built just none that matched my criteria. They did have the crystal pearl white model in the 5 speed touring available in the vehicles coming to the US. So I chose the white Mazda 2 and after thinking about it for a while and seeing pictures of it grew on me.

Early this week I received a telephone call. The dealership was confirming the model I wanted and the sales staff there found a problem. The white car on order for me was a white sport model with an automatic transmission. I am happy they realized the car was not what I wanted except for the color. The bad news is my choice of colors was down at two now. I could get a black or silver Mazda 2 if I want one in July. If I want any of the other colors like white or green I would be looking at August at the best. I gave it some thought and I have chosen to get a silver car. Not my first or second choice but it should do the trick. It will make my Mt Dew style graphics job a bit more difficult but I think we can manage to make a show stopper.


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