The Method to Our Madness

Everyone wants the biggest number possible in terms of Horsepower/Money ratio. Therefore, when researching a new Intake system for your Mazda, you want to find out from the source, how those numbers were obtained. I have had several people ask me if our dyno numbers are accurate and how we get them, so I decided to pull back the curtain and show you what we do to get these numbers.

The image below shows two dyno runs with a 2010 Mazda 3 (2.0L). The lesser of the two is stock, while the higher of the two is with our Corksport Short Ram Intake installed. The gain shows 121.3 – 115.3 = +6 hp gain. These are real numbers that we have obtained from our personal testing.

Now you may be thinking “Well, you just took the highest run with the SRI on and the lowest run with a stock car and got a 6 hp gain.” This is not how we do things. That would be easy and good from a marketing standpoint, but also deceptive, which is not how we operate. We take several runs, keeping as many variables as possible constant, for each scenario to ensure that they are accurate numbers. The image below shows how we obtained the stock vehicle data using 3 separate runs of 115.3, 114.9, and 114. In this case, we used the highest stock number of 115.3, but all of them are very similar.

For the SRI runs, we obtained numbers of 121.3 and 121.8. In this case, we took the lowest number, but both are very similar.

In conclusion, we try and offer the customer unbiased numbers to help them decide for themselves what product suits them best. Obviously, more runs = more development costs = higher product costs, so we try and strike a good balance between obtaining accurate data, and maintaining a competitive cost.


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  1. Woot +1 for backing up the info. you guys should put up all your Dyno sheet on the site, maybe have there own tab or something.

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