A List of Your Local NATOR Communities – What Makes Us Family

Ever wondered how to connect with your local Mazda crews and clubs?

Or have you ever gotten connected and then lost your ride somehow? For some of us it’s a crash, others of us sell our beloved Mazda and aim at our next dream car, or heck, even the necessary minivan.

What happens then? Not only did you lose your favorite car, but seemingly you lost out on the community as well. Does it make sense to show up to your favorite meets if you no longer drive the “proper” vehicle?

When it comes to the Nator groups, the love is still there regardless of what your next ride.

According to Micha Fullen, this is exactly how it goes; and it’s about so much more than the cars themselves:

“While at the annual Midwest meet this year in St Louis Missouri, washing my hair in the shower I had a thought, “Micha, why do you still come to this event when you don’t even own a Mazdaspeed anymore?”

I told myself, that being a Mazdaspeed owner past, present or future, is like being in a family. Especially when you involve yourself in the community and clubs that are offered throughout the country. Me, I’m a Nator Guy.

Year after year, we collectively travel thousands of miles to attend an event centered around vehicles that some of us don’t even own anymore. It’s crazy huh? Do the same thing, show up without owning the ‘correct’ Model Vehicle, at a VW or Honda meet and you get blacklisted and shunned.

Mazdaspeed owners don’t kick you out, or tell you that you shouldn’t be there. We just call each other; funny, and sometimes very rude, names. Then ask to race your new vehicle on a track, dragstrip or parking lot.  (More recently it’s been even helpful to all of them that I bought a truck… because we all know with spirited driving, and some showing off, something is bound to go wrong)

 I am closer to my Mazdaspeed family than I am to my own. This has been true since I bought my Speed 3 Jun of 2011. I had some problems with my car(s) and my Mazdaspeed (Nator) family came to my aid. But when that same family had problems of their own, I drove many miles or sometimes across multiple states to help them.

Corksport goes out of their way to attend these events. Not so much pushing parts, but to welcome family with open arms and stay connected to the grass roots of our community.

I met Barrett this year and even having never talked to him, he was the top 3 nicest dudes I have ever met. He got involved and talked shop with the majority of everyone in attendance. Kim is also a major voice in the community, listening to what the people want and bouncing ideas off of people to find how CorkSport can continuously push and evolve in this platform. She shows up to multiple events a year, stays in contact even throughout the winter and is always helping her “brothers and sisters” with their own endeavors, even if it doesn’t involve Corksport.

This year, if you were at the Midwest meet, you would see that a good majority of people have moved on to new platforms, specifically the new ecoboost options from Ford being very popular. Adrienne K with her Focus RS, Matt D with his FoST and Ryan P with his brand new FiST, and myself, I went way to the left with the new Raptor (Hey it has 2 turbos mmmmmkay).

It doesn’t matter what happens in your life, or even if you have moved on, we all got our start with Mazdaspeeds and we always stick with Family.”

As you see, being a Mazda owner is about the community, the family, the connection to other Mazdaspeed Enthusiasts.

And being an enthusiast isn’t always defined by the fact you still own a Mazda. It’s defined by being a car family. There may be groups that require you to own a Mazda to show up, but when it comes to Nator, once a Mazdaspeed Nator Family member, always one.

If you’re curious about where to connect, who to reach out to, or how to get in touch with your local Mazda club, check out the list below.

While we would love for this list to be exhaustive, it’s not, so if you’re currently involved in a club not listed, please let us know and we’ll be sure to make it easier for other CorkSport followers to connect with your group!

Download PDF of List:  NATOR Clubs List

CorkSquad https://www.facebook.com/groups/1634041806878345/ Savannah GA
Souther Street Crew https://www.facebook.com/groups/454444514600458/ GA
MMOC https://www.facebook.com/groups/MIMazda/ Michigan
ClubMPS https://www.facebook.com/groups/clubmpsnz/ New Zealand
LVMazdas https://www.facebook.com/groups/LVMazdas Las Vegas
NoVA Mazdaclub https://www.facebook.com/groups/321399927926454 VA
Mazda MIata Mx5 WA/OR https://www.facebook.com/groups/1698103380420298 WA/OR
Mazda Militia https://www.facebook.com/groups/mazdamilitia WA
Nothern Mazda Militia https://www.facebook.com/groups/286006598276940
Texas Mazdaspeeds https://www.facebook.com/groups/TexasMazdaspeeds TX
PNW_Mazda https://www.facebook.com/groups/PNWMazda WA/OR
Mazda 3 Owners Australia https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mazda3OA AUS
Mazdas of Kileen/Ford Hood https://www.facebook.com/groups/texasspeeddemons TX
Nator Oregon https://www.facebook.com/groups/NatorOR OR
Nator TN/KY https://www.facebook.com/groups/206647016088166 TN/KY
Nator Oklahoma https://www.facebook.com/groups/NATOROK/ OK
Nator NC/SC https://www.facebook.com/pages/North-Carolina/104083326294266 NC/SC
Nator Minnesota https://www.facebook.com/groups/NatorMinnnesota MN
Nator Georgia https://www.facebook.com/groups/163448653866393 GA
Nator Florida https://www.facebook.com/groups/1298072073575997/?ref=br_rs FL
Nator Missouri https://www.facebook.com/groups/natormo MO
Nator Arizona https://www.facebook.com/groups/708796579135806 AZ
Nator New Mexico https://www.facebook.com/groups/270637012974823 NM
Nator San Diego https://www.facebook.com/groups/natorsd/about/ CA
Nator DC Metro https://www.facebook.com/groups/147772498652109 DC
Nator WA https://www.facebook.com/groups/948847285235072 WA/OR
Nator WI https://www.facebook.com/groups/379868465454404 WI
Nator Chapter E https://www.facebook.com/groups/176597409073225/ FL
Nator New England https://www.facebook.com/groups/255796874460817 New Englan
Nator Houston Miata https://www.facebook.com/groups/446031202177809 TX
Mazda Owners of Nebraska https://m.facebook.com/groups/733704760063616 Nebraska
Speed Squad https://www.instagram.com/speedsquad.tm/ Quebec Canada
Mazda Flow London https://www.facebook.com/groups/934300966591060/ Ontario Canada

Mazdaspeed EPIC NATOR MEAT 2014 – Spencer’s Review and Wrap Up

Oh, the wonders of the East Coast. Potholes, 80mph in a 55 zone, Toll Roads and EZ Pass, humidity and some of the greatest people you will ever meet!

Kim, Brydon and I had the wonderful, nay, EPIC, opportunity this year to attend the EPIC NATOR MEAT put on by a few members from mazdaspeedforums.org . Sadly we had only a day and a half to hang out with hundreds of people, watch some drag racing, and join everyone for a Dyno Day. This is one of the greatest events you can attend and has arguably the most knowledgeable people currently driving Mazdas all in one place. Not only did we get to see 500+ horsepower speeds at the event, but we got to witness some of the cleanest looking, most original, most unique and even the world’s fastest Mazdaspeed 3, all in one place.

Here are some of my Highlights.

  • Hanging out till 3 am in the parking lot and back patio of the hotel and learning more than I ever thought possible about Mazdaspeed’s, among other things…
  • Rolling from Philadelphia to the Dyno Day and running into a crew of 6 or so Mazdaspeed’s who had no idea who we were in our weak little Honda rental.
  • Eating some Killer food at Buca di Beppo and hearing so much passion and love of cars during the conversation.
  • Finally getting to meet so many people that I’ve had such wonderful conversations with on the phone, through email, through PM, or in threads.
  • Getting out of the Northwest rain and finally getting some Sunshine!

Some of the Worst Parts

  • Arriving at 8 am to the Dyno Day after a red-eye flight leaving at 6 pm the night before with a layover in Phoenix. Ugh.
  • Not having my own 2009 Mazdaspeed 3 that got left back in Washington.
  • Having to leave around 1:30 on Sunday.
  • Not bringing shorts, the weather was beautiful.
  • Accidentally buying bottled water that was far too expensive at one of those incredibly terrible and yet wonderful, quick stops in the middle of the highway. The place was a zoo and WAY to expensive.
  • Walking into the wrong room at midnight.

Time for Drag Racing


Kim at the Drag Day doing some Social Media Updates


The World’s Fastest  MS3 and Crew Getting Prepared for the Drag Day


Mazda’s only for Dinner at Buca di Beppo


Some of the Lovely People at the Dyno Day


Halfway through the Dyno Day, Check out those Numbers!


Flame Shooter


The Unexpected Mazdaspeed Crew we caught Rolling to ENM


Thanks for everything.


Mazda Motorsports Hour to Debut On New Velocity Network

Mazda has supported more road racers over the past decade than any other automaker and is now stepping up the support to include extended TV coverage on the new Velocity network.

Velocity is the cable network created by Discovery communications that provides high-octane programming for its viewers with programming geared toward events, with live auctions and world rally championships and real-life adrenaline-pumping shows.

The Mazda Motorsports Hour will be hosted by award-winning motorsports broadcaster, Rick Benjamin and will include 24 shows that be broadcast from April through November with content that will include feature races from the Star Mazda Championship presented by Goodyear and Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship – two tiers of the Mazda Road to Indy Ladder – and SCCA Pro Racing’s Playboy MX-5 Cup. Joining Benjamin in the booth will be racers Randy Pobst for the MX 5 Cup, and James Hinchcliffe for Star Mazda and USF2000. Todd Lewis will be the pit reporter.

A competitive field of more than 30 cars are expected at each of this year’s 11 SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup races. The spec series based on the popular auto platform has served as a launching pad for young drivers as well as a place where veteran racers can find intense competition at a good value.

Drivers who show promise and success on the track in any of these series throughout the season qualify for additional chances to learn additional skills at being a professional driver and earn “MAZDASPEED Motorsports Scholarships” that include off-track developmental competitions and feature the creation of business plans and sponsor development processes upon which the driver moves to the next step in their racing career.

“Hardcore fans know that some of the most intense action can be found in the Playboy MX-5 Cup, Star Mazda and Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship. But if you weren’t at the race, you are left to take our word for it. Now, thanks to a partnership with Velocity, and Carolinas Production Group, fans can enjoy the action on a regular basis from their living room,” noted Jim Jordan, Alternative Marketing Manager, Mazda North America. Retrieved from Mazda Media, https://www.mazdausamedia.com/content/mazda-teams-velocity-2012-us-tv-broadcasts.

To find Velocity on your local cable system, go to Velocity.com.


Was that a Mazda?

Ok Mazda, we as enthusiasts, need to be brutally honest and let you know that you may have missed a key detail when you edited your latest commercial. Take a look and pay careful attention to the “Mazda” rally car shown in the 21st second of the video.


Mazda hasn’t offered a high-flying rally car since the 1994 Familia (323) GTR, like the one pictured below in competition.

Sure there are people running cars in the 2wd classes, like the protégé that Eric Burmeister recently brought out of retirement, and several 2wd Mazda 3’s and Mazdaspeed 3’s, but nothing like the mystery machine shown in the commercial.

Someone from the 323GTX yahoo group took the frame out of the video with the car in question.

Turns out that the car in question was a WRX and not a Mazda at all!

In Mazdas defense, they switched marketing companies a few years ago and it was probably an advertising executive that wasn’t familiar with Mazdas history that made the decision to use the video. And to be fair, it was only a one second clip, but that ad would have been much better with a 323 GTR instead of a clip of a WRX.

There are some great clips that could have been sourced from mazda Japan of the 323 GTR flying through the air from the WRC competition days instead of the substitute chosen by the advertising company with the front end taped up.


Photos and Recap: Car Shows Across The NW 2011

CorkSport Sponsored, CJ Ramos, Recaps 2011’s Events and Car Shows Across the Northwest:

Car shows are amazing events where people show off their creativity, ingenuity, and the hard work they put into their rides. Seeing what others do to their cars is what keeps me going to these events and helps to inspire me to try to make my ride even better.

This year I went to 10 events. Some were new to the region (like Driven to Perform and Xtreme Drift Competition) and some were recurring favorites of the Pacific Northwest (like Nos Forum Fest and Import Faceoff). It all started with a car show premiere of Fast Five and then culminated at MazdasNW’s Summer Bash at Corksport HQ in Vancouver, WA.

Here are some highlights from just a few of the events I went to…

Fast Five Premiere Party and Car Show – Tukwila, WA – April 29, 2011
NW Motiv and NOS teamed together to throw a release party for the premier of the movie Fast Five. Situated on the top floor of one of the parking garages at Southcenter Mall, spectators and car enthusiasts were treated to giveaways throughout the day including free tickets for a private showing later that night.

Nos Forum Fest – Kent, WA – June 25, 2011
One of the most memorable events of the year. Forum Fest had something for everybody, a car show, drag racing, and drifting. Once again, MazdasNW won and defended its title of Best Forum with its members grabbing five out of the six available belts for the Mazda categories of Best five door and Best two, three, and four door.

Driven to Perform – Vancouver, BC, Canada – July 16, 2011
DTP is the biggest car show series in Canada. The show was plagued with constant rain showers but that didn’t scare the diehard car enthusiasts from entering their cars and enjoying what the show had to offer.

Xtreme Drift Circuit and Remix Car Show – Kent, WA – August 13, 2011
A drifting competition that featured local and national, amateur and professional drifters.

My Fiance and baby boy came out and visited me at the show. He amazed everybody as he slept through the loud revving and squealing of tires of the drifting competition. He was only 3 month at the time.

It was a fun and memorable year. I didn’t win as many shows as I did last year but I didn’t mind. I was happy to see more Mazdas competing and participating like Rob McChord in his wild protege, Martin Chen in his blacked out Mazdaspeed 3, Brendan Hughes in his green accented Mazda 3, and even the 40+ members that entered the Forum Fest car show.

Being voted by my peers for Car of the Year on mazda3forums.com and featured on Mazdas Meet the Tuners and NWmotiv.com were great honors and happily made up for those times I went home empty handed.

2011 Accomplishments
Mazda3Forums.com 2011 Member Car of the Year
CorkSport Featured Car of the Month – July 2011
Nos Forum Fest Best Mazda 5 Door
Featured on Mazda’s US Site’s Meet the Tuners Section
NWMotiv’s Editor’s Choice Award at MazdasNW Summerbash, which led to a nwmotiv.com web feature.
CorkSport 2012 Calendar Cover