Versatune Packages for Mazda MX-5 Miata

Despite not being the ideal season to pull the top down, we have been busy giving the CorkSport ND Miata some love.  Unfortunately this love does not come in the form of another CorkSport Performance part, but instead better takes advantage of your CorkSport Performance parts thanks to the Versatuner Tuning Solution.  

With that, we are proud to announce our partnership with Versatuner and the ability to provide to all models supported by Versatuner.

Mazda MX-5 in Shop

Back to the 2016+ Mazda MX-5; working with the Versatuner Tuning Solution we setup pre-calibrated tunes that are designed to work with the CorkSport Performance Cold Air Intake System, Cat-Back Exhaust System, and the combination of the two.  

Mazda MX-5 Power Pack Dynograph

Jumping right to Power Pack 3, that combines the CorkSport Cold Air Intake and Cat-Back Exhaust; you see a power increase of 9 wTQ and 13 wHP using 92 octane fuel.  These aren’t just peak gains either, power/torque increases from 3000rpm up to redline which has been increased to 7400rpm.  If you are not ready to pull the trigger on the CorkSport CAI and CBE together, then check out Power Pack 1 and Power Pack 2.  

Power Pack 1 offers a combination of the CorkSport MX5 Cold Air Intake and Versatuner Tuning Solution with a pre-calibrated tune.

Mazda MX-5 Under the Hood

Power Pack 2 offers a combination of the CorkSport Mx-5 Cat-Back Exhaust and Versatuner Tuning Solution with a pre-calibrated tune.

Mazda MX-5 Exhaust Installed

What’s great about the Versatuner Tuning Solution is its flexibility to provide data logging, tune editing and diagnostics troubleshooting with any installed parts and any fuel type.  The CorkSport pre-calibrated tunes are designed for 92 octane fuel, so we do recommend having a custom tune performed for your MX-5 if 91 octane is the highest grade fuel available in your area.  Those of you with 93 octane fuel need not worry, but there could be more to ring out of your little 2.0L Sky-G with custom tuning.

Lastly, you might be wondering why the Power Packs have any significance to you? Well along with power, aesthetics, and glorious noises, we are able to cut you deal when you get the combination of CorkSport Performance parts and Versatuner Tuning Solution.  We’re here to make modifying your Miata easy and fun.

Thanks for tuning in with CorkSport Performance.

-Barett @ CS

Wake Up Your 2016+ Miata with Our Cat Back Exhaust System

Give your 2016+ MX5 Miata the power it needs with our cat back exhaust system.

The CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System gives your new 2016 Miata the power it needs without the annoying drone.

We know you’ve been eyeing the CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust System for your 2016+ Mazda ND Miata, so let this catch your attention even further! CorkSport is proud to announce the release of the Cat Back Exhaust System for the 2016+ Miata!

Give your 2016+ MX5 Miata the power it needs with our cat back exhaust system.

Every great exhaust system begins with two main ingredients:

1. High quality materials

2. Exceptional manufacturing

Here at CorkSport, we realize that without these two key factors, no matter the design, a great product is just not attainable. Every CorkSport exhaust system is manufactured from T304 Stainless Steel and precision bent using CNC mandrel tube benders. The mandrel benders maintain a consistent diameter throughout the many bends that exhaust systems may have. Then, all necessary welds are performed with TIG welding to insure a long-lasting and rust free connection.

The fun doesn’t stop there! The exhaust system needs to sound and look great also. The CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System features two high-flow resonators to reduce and eliminate unwanted drone without restricting the exhaust flow. Speaking of flow, the exhaust system is constructed from 60.5mm diameter tubing vs the OEM 54mm to further improve flow and provide a deeper exhaust note.

If you’re concerned that the full cat back exhaust system may be a bit too loud for your liking, don’t worry. The CorkSport exhaust system is available as the full cat back exhaust or just the axle back exhaust.

Check out the two video sound clips below to figure out the best exhaust note for your Miata.

CorkSport Cat Back Exhaust System

CorkSport Axle Back Exhaust System

And for the “cherry on top,” the CorkSport exhaust system features dual double wall exhaust tips to maintain the OEM look, but with a higher level of style. Wake up your Miata today with the CorkSport Performance Exhaust System!

Everything You Need to Know About the 2016 MX-5 Swaybars

Take control of your body roll with the CorkSport 3-Way Adjustable Front and Rear swaybars for the 2016+ MX-5. Tested on the track to ensure the best street performance, the CorkSport swaybars are a great compliment for the daily driver and the track rat.

Front and rear swaybars for the new 2016 Mazda Miata.

We spent a day at Portland International Raceway pushing the swaybars and CorkSport springs to their limits; we even bent the rear swaybar prototype! A failure in testing is actually a great learning experience. It allows us to improve the final design for you. With this intense testing, you can rest assured that the product you receive can stand up to the abuse.

Give your 2016 MX-5 more control with the CorkSport front and rear swaybars.

Both swaybars are manufactured from 4130 Chromoly Steel and CNC bent for a great fit. The FSB uses 1.125” hollow tube and ranges from 106% to 187% stiffer than OEM. The RSB uses 0.625” solid bar and ranges from 220% to 447% stiffer than OEM. Don’t let the percent increase scare you. The FSB and RSB are designed to complement each other. The RSB allows you to make big changes to the car’s under and over-steer characteristics and the FSB allows you to fine tune the big change. This is the benefit of the 3-way adjustability. So, whether you’re an experienced track day enthusiast or are buying your first sports car, the CorkSport swaybars have a setup for you.

Check out how the 2016 Miata swaybars look installed.

Included with every swaybar are a pair of 6061-T6 billet aluminum brackets and 90a durometer polyurethane bushings so you never have to worry about a broken bracket!

Our swaybars for the 2016 MX-5 include brackets at no additional cost.

Take your MX-5 to the next level with the CorkSport swaybars today!

Barett Strecker-01

Prototypes, R & D, and the New MX-5: A Day at the Track

I bet you know this already, but we’re very excited about the new Mazda MX-5 and really, what’s not to be excited about! The ND MX-5 is sleek, sexy, efficient, modern, and an absolute blast through the apex.


Here at the CorkSport HQ, we’ve been working on a handful of awesome products and even had our first prototypes before we even had the car to test them on. But the wait is over. With prototypes in one hand and keys in the other, there was only one thing needed….Portland International Raceway. Oh, and for good measure we brought in Kenton Koch, of Kenton Koch Racing, to put our MX-5 and prototypes through their paces. Here’s how the day went.


The morning was a cool 55 degrees, but the CS team was buzzing with excitement. First session of the day was about to start, so Kenton was sent out with OEM springs and the CS front and rear swaybars in their softest setting. A couple laps later, Kenton came to the pits with concern for the rear suspension. Too our surprise, the coins of the RSB had bent, rendering the RSB useless. This was a real bummer, but a failed part in testing is a great day for warranty. Luckily, we were able to set the RSB to the stiffest setting to continue testing. Back to the track he went.


Kenton was able to finish the session without issue and returned to the pits with more feedback than we could absorb. He loved the car, but the springs were just too soft and the FSB needed a stiffer setting. Great! This is exactly the feedback we wanted to hear! For the next session, Kenton went out in an employee’s club edition to get a baseline feel of the OEM swaybars. In the meantime, the CS team swapped the springs out with our 35% stiffer springs.


Session three: launch edition MX-5 with 35% stiffer springs and the swaybars on the stiffest settings. Kenton came into the pits around the halfway mark and requested we move the FSB back to the softest setting. The session ended and Kenton returned to the pits with even more feedback! In the first half of the session, he was fighting a lot of understeer which is what merited the FSB adjustment. In the second half of the session, the understeer was much improved, but was still the most prevalent driving characteristic. We had another set of springs that were only 20% stiffer, so we installed them in the front and sent him out for the next session.


This was the ticket! Kenton stayed on track for the whole session this time. He was very happy with the car’s balance and had complete control of understeer/oversteer with just a small amount of throttle modulation. This was great news! For the final session, we adjusted the FSB back to the stiffest setting. This would tell us if the swaybars were a good compliment to the springs. Another session went by and again Kenton was very happy. The stiffer setting on the FSB pushed the car’s balance a little more towards understeer. This is great because understeer is typically much easier and safer for a novice driver to control, but the FSB also had the adjustability to put the car at a balanced state. More experienced drivers will appreciate this.

We wrapped up the day extremely satisfied with our results. We had a failure, we had many successes, and we learned a lot about the new MX-5. We can confidently say that the CorkSport MX-5 components are track tested and designed with the customer in mind. Look for swaybars, springs, and endlinks in the near future!


Barett Strecker-01