Now That I’ve Seen It…

Mazda enjoyed releasing short YouTube videos teasing some different aspects of the new Mazda 6, which just recently started production in Japan. I admit, I fell into their trap and watched them as they were released to see what the videos would show for the new design. The official first picture of the Mazda 6 was shown as it rolled off the production line in Japan seen below.

Looking at the new 6 there are several things which are striking from the side view. The curve over the front fender and into the door is fairly pronounced in the sheet metal. It also gives a look to make the front of the car look longer, very 1st gen Rx8.

The Kodo design is strong in this model like the CX-5. The whole look is really shared with the CX-5 in the grille and headlight shapes. The tail lights are patterned after the CX-5 as well.

The bumpers on the car shown are very short. The rear bumper I expect to grown a few inches when the car is released in North America. The front bumper will probably stay the same, Mazda has been pretty good in the last few models in keeping the styling the same and still pass the crash standards for all markets.

I was eagerly awaiting more pictures of the production vehicles from the Paris and Russian Auto shows to decide if I liked it or not. Honestly I hope Mazda gives us a Mazdaspeed version of the new 6. With the Kodo design it would be easy to make the 6 look really tough in the styling department and do some trick stuff with the i-Eloop system. It would be fun to drop all of the power through the regenerative system to run an AWD launch for some wicked burnout fun.

The stuff that I saw from the Moscow Auto Show has me even more excited. The Mazda 6 wagon with the SKYACTIVE-D 2.2L diesel engine would be amazing here in the US, but I fear that it probably won’t be imported by Mazda USA.

(Are you reading this Mazda USA? BRING US DIESELS!)


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  1. Really wish they would bring over their diesel, along with Subaru. We need more diesel options from domestic and Japanese automakers.

  2. I agree 100% with a mazda 6 diesel wagaon. Especially if it was a manual with awd. I really think. Mazda needs to offer a manual trans on more trim levels. I would be more willing to buy a CX-5 if I could get it with AWD and a manual trans. Otherwise I am stuck with a sripped down sport.

  3. i reaaly depressed. im one of the mazda lovers ….i see the new mazda6 good looking but the back side looks like hyundai sonata … i hate korean cars …please the backside of mz6 2014 must be change.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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