Mazda Axela Sport and the 6 Wagon Turbodiesel (Next Mazdaspeed?)

2014 Axela Sport Concept (New Mazdaspeed?)

Mazda recently released some concepts with Mazdaspeed exteriors. Could these be the next Mazdaspeed 3’s? The new Axela Sport with Mazdaspeed Exterior certainly has a sporty look, but there is no official word on if this is just a design concept, or if it’s confirmation of the next Mazdaspeed 3.


The hatchback will feature a strengthened chassis, some Brembo stopping power and a set of black alloy wheels. The end result is a stunning example of another great design from Mazda, a company that truly understands blending high performance and sporty style.

Whether this is the new Mazdaspeed or not, we look forward to more ideas and designs from Mazda, such as the Mazda 6 Wagon concept below!

Mazda 6 Wagon Mazda Design Concept

Also joining the 6 sedan lineup is a stylish wagon variation. Featuring subtle aero changes, new wheels and a leather wrapped dash. It will house a Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter turbo-diesel engine power-plant. Rumor has it that we should be seeing this engine in the USA, so we have our fingers crossed. Turbo + Diesel + Wagon = the best of all worlds, at least we think so!


3 Replies to “Mazda Axela Sport and the 6 Wagon Turbodiesel (Next Mazdaspeed?)”

  1. 2.2 SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter 175hp turbo-diesel wagon is a great car, i sold my 6 MPS (MS6) and bought me one. My best mpg with the 175hp turbo-diesel wagon was 57.32 and max speed on the Autobahn was 145mph. greets from Germany

  2. I guess I will just have to hold off on buying a new vehicle to wait for Mazda to come out with a NEW Sports vehicle. I would love to have a Speed6 version in a wagon.

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