CorkSport Welcomes the CX-5 to the Family!

CorkSport is the proud new owner of Mazda’s newest addition to its line-up, the CX-5. Picked up straight from the port of Tacoma yesterday, the sporty new CX-5 will be helping CorkSport develop a new line of Mazda performance parts aimed at fulfilling the performance potential in the new SkyActiv engine technology line.

The CX-5 is available in three trims, Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring. We opted for the base sport trim which is currently the only option available with a manual six speed transmission. The Sport comes standard with seventeen-inch alloys, push-button start, tilt/telescopic steering, and cruise control.

The design is based on the Minagi concept car, and is Mazda’s first production vehicle to utilize the Kodo design language. The new five-point grille gives a real feeling of width, as it cuts into the headlights before leading to the lower center portion of the front grille and the interior is modern and clean and the driver-centric cockpit features a small, sporty steering wheel.

The CX-5 has the new SkyActiv 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and includes a direct injection, variable valve and exhaust timing, a specially designed exhaust manifold and a high compression ratio of 13.0:1. The engine’s broad torque band, the new transmission, and the reduced weight work together to deliver good acceleration. The quick revving engine has an excellent mid-range punch and the engine delivers a smooth, bossy engine note.

The electric power assist steering system offers crisp, quick steering and highly precise control. The geometry of the suspension links and the bush characteristics are optimized to ensure light, linear steering response at mid-to-low speeds and excellent high-speed stability.

We have already began development of a new SkyActiv short ram intake which will be launching later this year along a with a number of other performance parts to support the new SkyActiv suspension and engine.

CorkSport is happy to add the CX-5 as our newest project car!


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  1. Just test drove a CX-5 sport (automatic unfortunately) and I’m considering trading in my 09 Mazda6 i sport in for one. Seeing Corksport picking one up for development just puts even more fight in my corner :-). I can’t wait to see the numbers on your SRI!

  2. Just picked up the a cx-5 gt awd (in CO) in M. Grey. Cant wait to open ‘er up! Will be checking back often.

  3. Hey guys! This is great.. I’m planning on trading my 2010 Mazda3 Sport (with corksport SRI installed, btw!) next year for the CX-5, with the family growing. I have to admit I’m pretty excited that you’re putting the effort to make an already enjoyable ride more enjoyable! The SRI will definitely be a plus, even if it only adds 5-10 hp/lbs torque. As Aaron said, will check back often!

  4. We plan on it. We discussed lowering springs for the CX-5 in our last development meeting so it is on the table!

  5. I agree on the wheel gap. Its already bugging me. Im in the process now of pulling of the black plastic lower exterior trim pieces and wrapping them in carbon fiber. Will post pics when im done. Im also considering powdercoating the 19’s in gloss black or maybe a gunmetal.

  6. I garentee; you make lowering springs. You will have a huge number of buyers. With me being one of them. Can’t wait!!

  7. I get my new GT Sky active D in 7 days. Cant wait to tinker with it. Hope to see that SRI good for both the diesel and petrol! Be keeping my eye out for an exhaust too.

  8. Just got a cx 5 awd auto to replace my 2008 speed3, really looking forward on that SRI to improve even slightly on the power. Any gain will be much appreciates, let us know when it’s coming out.

    Sébastien, Montreal, Canada.

  9. Just bought a awd auto trans cx5 a week ago to replace my 2008 speed3.
    Looking forward on that SRI to help improve the performance of my cx5.
    Let us know when it will get ready for purchase.
    Any idea on the kind of gain we might expect, is it easy to get any sort of gain with a so high compression ratio motor?
    Waiting for more info.

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  11. Dear Corksport, I love you guys. I’m trading in my ’03 Toyota Matrix for a Mazda CX-5, same trim (and even same color) as your test mule. I will be probably purchase just about everything you bring out for the CX5 (starting with the intake). So please, keep it up!

  12. I picked up a CX-5 Sport/manual a few weeks ago, the only thing I had added was fog lights so I’m definitely looking forward to see what you develop for accessories!

  13. I just bought one with the tech package, AWD Touring model and am anxious to see what you have in store for it. Power upgrades would be great.

  14. CS,

    When developing springs for the CX-5, please consider developing springs with a modest drop (1-1.25″) so it doesn’t degrade its ride, yet it gives it a more planted look. Remember that there are 2 other companies making “typical” drop (1.5-2″) springs for the CX-5 and CS introducing same kind of springs would be useless competition. . .

    Thanks for listening.

  15. Haven’t seen any posts since august but i am looking on your website for these exciting products. I pick up my CX5 tomorrow and i already have plans for it, one of them is Corksport’s after axle exhaust.

  16. Please make lowering springs that will drop this thing ~1″-1.25″. Other brands already offer 1.5″-2″ drops and I’d like to retain some suspension travel, but nix that gap a little and give it a tougher look.

    Corksport FTW!

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