CorkSport in the Blood!!!

Our own sponsored driver Matt Kellogg sent us a Top 5 list of the reasons he loves being sponsored by CorkSport and we wanted to share those with you because Matt started out much like many of you and has grown to be a true part of our family here at CorkSport.

CorkSport Sponsored Driver Matt Kellogg

Top 5 Reasons Why I love Being a Corksport Sponsored Driver

By: Matt Kellogg

  1.  It’s a passion of mine….import cars. To sum it up in a simple write-up or blog post is literally impossible. There are very few things in life that strike me the way import cars have. I have had my fleeting moments with various hobbies and some of them have stayed with me through the years while others have passed quietly by the wayside. Passion is what drives anyone to do what they do with fervor….this is my #1 reason for enjoying being a CS driver.
  2. Art. You may say to yourself; “Art? Why would art have anything to do with this?” Easy! Art is in everything, but many do not see it nor realize it. Art is in the way we see the aesthetic aspects as good or horrible. Art is the way we drive our vehicles, a style if you will. Art is also in manufacturing and quality or such. Art in my instance is from birth and has played a major role in how I see the world and how I see what fits, and what doesn’t, this has given me the skills I have today and the future ones that I will continue to hone and learn.
  3. Love of the sport. Same as “love of the game” for an athlete. Being a sponsored driver is much like being a sponsored athlete. How you handle yourself and your car not only reflects on you but the sponsor and all prospective customers and fans past, present and future. Loving what you do and caring about those who give you their helping hand to do it is a very important part of being an enthusiast and standing apart from the paper tigers of this ball we all spin on.
  4. Dedication with reward. By this I mean, I am dedicated, sponsored or not when I find a company who not only cares about the customer, but cares as much for quality and dynamic release of great products I am excited and feel like a kid with a lollypop! Dedication is not only my goal and the key to success the company you work for, are sponsored by or just plain buy your products from must have a positive attitude to the sport, art, love and dedication aspects of it all. Without dedication we are mere lemmings marching to our cliffs.
  5. The best part of being a CorkSport sponsored driver is the fact that my pride in what I do to my car is rewarded with the pride of CorkSport by taking the time to see me out here in the ocean of other drivers and see that I am dedicated to the sport, and always striving to do better and achieve higher standards with my vehicle. Much the same as CorkSport does on a daily basis. Thank you for reading my snapshot of what it means to me to be a Corksport driver!

CorkSport Sponsored Driver

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