CorkSport Gets Down and Dirty… For the Community!!

A rainy afternoon playing in the mud, a sun-shiny day hanging out and making children smile, and another rainy morning, fighting a storm to pick up trash on a local beach. These are just a few of the ways that CorkSport gives back to its local community. Once every three months we put together a group of our employees to give back in some pretty unexpected and challenging ways.


In February 2013, we paired up with some local ‘pros’ through a program that rebuilds worn out trails in the local parks. We hiked 2 miles in with our tools and lunches in tow, dressed for what we were hoping was a fair weather day. Boy, were we wrong!

 CorkSport Gets Dirty

We repaired parts of an older trail, and put in a couple switch backs to help with draining in the future so the trail might have a chance of being a little less muddy. Tools in hand, we dug in some places a full foot of mulch and mud out in order to level out and give proper foundation to what will be a fully graveled trail in the future.

Trail Maintenence with CorkSport

Off and on showers, some ankle deep mud trenches, and some ‘Seniors’ who made us feel as though we were slacking for taking a break or two made for a memorable team building experience.  All in all it was a worth-while and enjoyable day, we felt accomplished and closer as a team after having completed some strenuous work with beautiful results.

Most Recently we took a Saturday morning and went to a local river-beach for some clean up.

CorkSport Beach CleanupAt the BEach CorkSportCollecting Garabage with CorkSport

Once again the weather laughed and laughed as we fought the wind, rain, and waves to find anything from cigarette butts and bed sheets to broken bottles and pieces discarded and forgotten clothing.

Wonderful to be outside, but we could have done without the temperatures and onslaught of the local weather system/left-overs from far away hurricanes.

Dirty Trashy CorkSpor

We have volunteered for the community with some children’s outings, given back to the local work crews, and done some trash digging at the beach. We always make sure to do this on our own time so as not to interfere with business, but the rewards that come from volunteering are worth it any day!




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  1. I knew you were good people. Proud to support you and your products. Keep up the community activities.

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