Wish List – Anything Mazda You Ever Wanted


If you could get any part that you have ever wanted what would you ask for? There is a good chance that your dream accessories or features haven’t been developed yet and you are just waiting for that moment when someone releases it. So, if you could ask engineers to make anything for your car, what would it be?

Bigger turbos for the Mazdaspeed? Turbo Kits for the Mazda 3?


Let your mind wander and think of some wild creative ideas. With the latest technologies available, its not too hard to try and stretch past our current  capabilities.

So what would you want?  Heads Up Display (HUD), upgraded fuel  injectors,  new style front bumper kit or maybe something in carbon fiber?

Nothing is too far fetched. Want to turn you Mazdaspeed 3 into an RV so you can go camping? How about a bolt on submarine car conversion? Or maybe just a new Intake Manifold.

Can you come up with three wishes? Leave us your wishes here -> (Click Here – Facebook Post)


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  1. Hey my name is Adrian Trevino am from Rio Grande Valley in Texas I just recently bought my first car and I picked a Mazda 3. Not going to lie I love the feel off the car and I like it has horsepower but want it to go faster ha what can I say I love to drive fast. The things I done to my Mazda was first change the logo to a evil M from there I wanted to do more so my plasti dip some of the parts of the car it look good got heads turning to my car so I had the look down so u can say, so I had some people roll up to me and challenge me shit I ain’t going to back out. I win some races but I lost some as well so you could say I would love to make it faster , so what I want to but in my car is a cooling intake or a new intake and next is headers and a new muffler and someday a turbo kit. Am not going to lie am not the richest person sometimes I struggle paying the bills on time what can I say life is hard when you have two son’ but I guess that’s life but I been saving cash for my baby but at time need to.get that money that been saving oh well . Well whatever you can sponsor me with I really appreciate it even though it’s not on my wishing list anything to get your name out there am the guy for the job and my car is a Mazda 3 Sedan 2.0L

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