CorkSport’s Favorite Part of the Week: Week Three

Our new blog series continues with the 2014+ Mazda 3 Lowering Springs — another one of our favorite parts.

Hey, CorkSport family, I hope you’re all doing well this week! I’m here again, keeping my promise, to give a brief description of my favorite part each week. Which means our blog series, “CorkSport’s Favorite Part of the Week,” continues!

This time, I’ll be talking about the 2014+ Mazda 3 Lowering Spring set. I am excited for this one, because lowering springs offer many benefits that deliver an incredible bang for your buck.

I am excited for this one, because lowering springs offer many benefits that deliver an incredible bang for your buck.

All of us Mazda enthusiasts know that stock Mazdas have quite a bit of wheel gap, which isn’t appealing to most of us. Our lowering springs have been designed to take care of that unwanted wheel gap — these springs will drop the car about 1.75” in the front and about 2.00” in the rear.

We wanted to make sure our springs would give the car a modest drop. Why modest? We decided to keep the drop minimal because we wanted the car to have a sleek look without sacrificing ride quality. Plus, we wanted to avoid potential damage to the front end when going over, for example, speed bumps.

Our lowering springs also have a 7 percent increase in spring rate. Which means that, whether or not you’re running OEM wheels or aftermarket wheels, these springs will — without a doubt — give your ride a much cleaner look. Please note, though, if you’re running wider than stock wheels/tires, you may have to roll your fenders depending on how aggressive your offset is or how wide your tires are running.

I mentioned multiple benefits to our springs, so I want to make sure to hit on the other primary advantage you get from adding lowering springs to your 2014+ Mazda 3. When you add lowering springs, you are lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle. By doing this, you’re allowing the car to grip the pavement harder. You can take corners faster and with more confidence knowing the car will react the way you want with increased handling. Add in some wider/stickier tires and you’ll increase that handling exponentially.

This part is truly a must-have for people who don’t track their car every weekend, but are looking for a more aggressive feel when driving around town. Trust me, you won’t regret that decision. If anyone has any questions in regards to lowering springs, please call us at 360-260-2675!


Luke @ CS

CorkSport’s Favorite Part of the Week: Week Two

Mazda 6 Power Series Exhaust

Hello again, CorkSport family! Let’s start the second week of our new blog series, “CorkSport’s Favorite Part of the Week,” off strong by talking about the new Mazda 6 2014-2017 Power Series Exhaust.  

Mazda 6 Power Series Exhaust

Are any of you Mazda 6 owners looking to add more power to your 2014+ Mazda 6? In the market for better sound? Look no further! We’re very happy to introduce you to this top-notch exhaust system. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider purchasing the Cat-Back Exhaust:

    • Direct bolt on
    • High quality stainless steel
    • Increased power
    • Better exhaust sound
  • Less weight

When it comes to power, we saw a 3whp increase over stock on an un-tuned Engine Control Unit (ECU). That doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you take the car and tune it with the exhaust installed, you’ll notice larger gains.

When it comes to sound, one reason why CorkSport loves this exhaust is that the sound is very subtle when cruising on the highway. However, when you give the car some throttle, you do get an increased exhaust note.

CorkSport does offer the option of selling the mid-pipes for this kit separately. Any customers that would like to purchase the mid-pipes to complete their Axle-Back Exhaust would need to call us at 360-260-2675 to get pricing and availability.

The Power Series Exhaust comes with a reasonable price tag. Please keep in mind that it helps to make an account when you order from us — we offer rewards points when you have a registered account. If you save those points, they can get you a nice discount on the purchase of this exhaust.


Luke @ CS

CorkSport’s Favorite Part of the Week: Week One

Mazda 3 Rear Sway Bar

Good day, CorkSport family! I’m proud to announce our new blog series: “Favorite Part of the Week.” I’ll be talking about my favorite parts weekly until I have nothing left to talk about! Also, I want to say thank you to all of the people who follow our blogs and continue to be dedicated CorkSport customers. We appreciate the business and we’re happy to have such a great group of people in our corner — you guys make our days great!

Mazda 3 Rear Sway Bar

Let’s get down to business. To kick off this series of sweet blog posts, I want to start by highlighting our 2014+ Mazda 3 Rear Sway Bar. As we all know, increased handling on the car is a must. There’s nothing better than going into a turn on a curvy road and being able to hit the APEX with more confidence and speed than ever before. If that’s how you like to drive, then this sway bar is a must. Unfortunately, the stock rear sway bar on the Mazda 3 doesn’t properly control body roll in corners. Fortunately, with CorkSport’s adjustable sway bar, you have the ability to stiffen up the rear suspension to decrease body roll in corners. By decreasing the body roll of the car, you’re able to hit corners at a faster speed and still feel like the car is hugging the road.

A few of the bar’s features:

  • Two different stiffness settings: 130 percent stiffer and 220 percent stiffer than stock.
  • Single piece design: No need to worry about welds breaking with this bar.
  • Billet aluminum brackets: Peace-of-mind knowing your brackets can take any abuse and not break. [Note: Brackets are normally priced separately by themselves, but we include them with the bar — a great value!]

Mazda 3 Rear Sway Bar Brackets

The 2014+ Mazda 3 Rear Sway Bar is priced well and, at CorkSport, we believe you’re getting the most out of your dollar with this bar and brackets. Whether or not you autocross or just drive aggressively, it’s a must to increase your vehicle’s handling. Pair this with the lowering springs and you can change the entire experience of driving your new Mazda 3. We highly recommend this as one of your first suspension upgrades!

Keep an eye on our blog; the lowering springs post will be coming to you at a later date.


Luke @ CS