Summer Cruising

– Summer Cruising –

There is no better feeling than knowing that summer time is near.

As the temperature starts to warm up after a particularly long and brutal winter, it’s natural for a car enthusiast’s thoughts to drift to the highlights of summer: frosty beer, epic barbecues, road trips, the track, Auto X and just hanging out among friends. In preparation for summer, some enthusiasts meticulously suit up their cars and shine up their paint. Whereas others, too eager to feel the pavement under their wheels, skip the detailing just to hit the road.

Whichever your approach, there’s something about a sunny day or a warm evening that just motivates people to move.

No matter what car you have, make this summer a great one. For me, there is no greater feeling than driving a Mazda: “The more you look, the more you like.”


Mazda. “It Just Feels Right”


Jose Rivera – Mazda Community Blog


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  1. I really hope you guys have another meet at your shop. It was a good time back in 2012.

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