First hint for the turbo motor…

First hint for the turbo motor…


Mazda has recently been in talks about a replacement for the CX-9. Masahiro Moro, the head of Mazda global sales and marketing, mentioned a downsized turbocharged solution to replace the  Ford V6 it currently uses. What really makes this appealing to me is the fact a turbo motor that can haul around a CX-9 sized vehicle could make a Mazda 3 really fly!

The CX-9 weighs in at 4323 lbs. for the front wheel drive model and the Mazda 3 is a svelte 2797 lbs. which is ~1500 lbs less.

Can you say rocketship! If Mazda spends the time to develop the turbo engine for the CX-9 replacement with research on more applications for it to fit it in, it will make this much more of a possibility for it to be used in a future Mazdaspeed 3.
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