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Often times companies will give what appears to be “free shipping” to their customers by absorbing the shipping cost into the price of the product and then passing it off as a value add, when in reality the customer still pays for the shipping in the form of higher priced products. At CorkSport, we wanted to find a better way to give our customers value when it came to shipping, so we created a program that would provide complete transparency on shipping costs and peace of mind that our goal is to make our company profitable from the development and sales of CorkSport products, not on shipping and logistics costs.

Through feedback and focus groups, in February of this year we implemented a new shipping policy that we felt made sense to our customers. As a part of the new program, if it was determined during our shipping audit that your shipping cost and administrative charges amounted to less than what we charged you, we would issue you a refund for the overcharged amount.

Since the inception of this program, we have refunded nearly $2000 to our customers. This is not because we are bad at estimating shipping charges, on the contrary, our logistics department is constantly monitoring and updating our shipping quotes to give you the best possible idea of what your potential cost will be. Rather, this is a symptom of the literally millions of ways parts can be combined into a single purchase, the various freight and shipping methods and frequency, and the unpredictable fuel surcharges that factor into the day-to-day flux of shipping prices.

Cost does matter, and our strategy is to focus on reducing the total cost drivers that add little value to the development of the part so that we can produce a win/win situation by providing the highest quality part for the best possible price.

This unique take on giving our customers the best value in the marketplace is just one such example of the relationship CorkSport wants to continue to support with the Mazda community. Transparency, value, honesty and integrity are staples in our mission statement and we hope that comes through in each interaction that you, our customers, have with CorkSport whether it is on the phone, by email, during your purchase process, on our blog or Facebook page, or at an event.

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  1. I just bought my racingseries exhaust and racepipe a month ago would I be able to get a refund on my shipping?

  2. Alessio,

    If CorkSport determines that what we charged you was more than what it cost to ship, you will get a refund in the mail. This is not always the case, for the most part; we do an excellent job at estimating your shipping costs. It will typically take a month or so before we get the final bill of lading at which point we will compare it to the charges and send out refunds if there were any discrepancies.

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