Product Release! Mazda MZR Oil Filler Cap

It can be easy to overlook your engine when it comes to adding style to your Mazda. With so many exterior options many times the parts under the hood get left out. Luckily, CorkSport has come to the rescue with a quick and easy way to add style and durability to your engine bay with the new CorkSport Oil Filler Cap.

CorkSport Mazda MZR Engine Oil Filler Cap

The CorkSport Oil Filler Cap is machined from solid aluminum and features an ergonomic six-star shape to allow you to get a solid grip on the cap. This lightweight oil filler cap includes dual O-rings pre-installed to ensure leak-free operation on your Mazda.

Each CorkSport Oil Filler Cap features a durable black anodized finish for protection from the harsh environment of the engine bay. The CorkSport Mazda MZR Engine Oil Filler Cap is available at our online catalog and is in stock today. For more information please visit our product listing at

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  1. Did you really have to make an instruction sheet for this? If they need those instructions, they probably would not be on your site looking for aftermarket parts. Either way, looks nice. I like it

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