Product Release! CorkSport Cold Air Intake for the 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3

When CorkSport set out to develop a Cold Air Intake (CAI) we took several things into consideration. First and most obviously, we wanted the CAI to make more power over stock and allow for free flowing air into the intake chamber. The factory intake overall on the Mazdaspeed 3 is chalk full of poor bends and choking points. Just by changing the filter section you can get a large increase in horsepower and when coupled with a aftermarket turbo inlet pipe that runs between the intake section and the turbo, the increase is even greater.

The new Stage III CorkSport Power Series Cold Air Intake does just that by replacing the factory airbox with a cold pipe intake system to dramatically reduce intake restrictions and provide an impressive improvement in power throughout the entire engines RPM range. During initial testing the CorkSport Stage III Cold Air Intake for 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 saw a 10-12% increase in power and torque when tested against the stock intake system.

Next, we thought about the best intake system to run in all weather conditions and came up with a system that is convertible between a short ram intake and a cold air intake. This gives customers an optimal set-up for their intake system year-round. During the warmer months, a cold air intake can be run which will suck air from the fender liner instead of the hot engine bay where a short ram intake would be situated. While testing, we saw differences of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the moderate climate of the northwest. This could be higher in other parts of the country that hit much higher temperatures. While driving the engine bay is not much warmer than outside but while you sit the engine bay becomes very warm. Moving the intake to the fender liner pulls air that is not in the engine bay so the air is much cooler.

Then during the cooler rainy and snowy months, you can switch out your CAI with the Stage I or Stage II SRI intake just by quickly and easily removing a pipe and moving the filter location. With the SRI set-up the path to the turbo is greatly decreased and there is almost no chance of sucking up water during the wet months making it ideal for cold, rainy weather.

Finally, we compared our product to the competition on the market. We purchased a popular competitors Cold Air intake and did a head-to-head test, their intake against ours on the dyno. We also attempted to verify the competitions claims of a 33hp gain. The below graph shows the results. The red line is the Stage III Corksport Cold Air Intake with Turbo Inlet Pipe, green line is the Corksport Cold Air Intake without turbo inlet pipe and the pink line is the popular competitors Cold Air Intake.

Notice the peak power is almost the same between the CorkSport’s two intake set-up’s but there is massive increase in mid-range power and torque with the optional turbo inlet pipe. If you look at the competitors results compared to the Corksport intake, you will notice the lines stay together for a while before diverging slightly in the mid-range and top-end. Both intakes show improvements over stock but the CorkSport Intake shows slightly more mid-range and upper rpm power and torque.

The Corksport Stage III Intake that comes with optional turbo inlet pipe shows the most gains overall being at some points 7% more efficient than the popular competitors. The turbo inlet pipe is also not offered by the competition making the upgrade to the full system a perfect choice for those that want the most efficient system posible. At no point could we duplicate the +33hp gain or roughly 15% improvement claimed by this competitor.

The CorkSport Cold Air Intake can be purchased as a standalone performance part and includes our precision machined MAF housing made from billet aluminum with included air straightener, durable dry flow air filter, mandrel bent aluminum cold pipe and custom reinforced silicone connectors. It is also available as an upgrade kit for current customers with a CorkSport Stage I or Stage II Short Ram Intake with included mandrel bent aluminum cold pipe and custom reinforced silicone connector and optional Turbo Inlet Pipe.

The kit is available to purchase in powder coated black or polished aluminum with any combination of red, blue, or black fliter and silicone connectors and the choice of polished aluminum or stealth black T-bolt clamps to truly customize the look of your engine bay.

To find out more or purchase a CorkSport Cold Air Intake today, please visit the CorkSport catalog online today at or call 360-260-CORK.

4 Replies to “Product Release! CorkSport Cold Air Intake for the 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3”

  1. On my 2012 MS3 the fender liner is not vented. Thus is the only cold air, or outside air being pulled through the small triangle opening in bottom corner of the grill? Obviously, the cold air intake is pulling the air from a lower location in the engine compartment so the air will be denser. However, since there is no air box; a certain amount of air must be pulled from the engine compartment at WOT.

    Lastly, did your testing results determine if your cold air or short ram with intake box resulted in the lowest inlet air temperature?

    Thanks for making great products!

  2. Almost identical results on temps from the CAI and the SRI with Cold air box.

    Yes there is air pulled at WOT from the engine bay area but at that point all the air is being drawn from the outside of the car. The real difference is stop and go or lower speeds. Once you drive for a bit engine air is very close to outside air.

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