Product Release: CorkSport Adjustable Shortshifter – Mazdaspeed 3

CorkSport is pleased to announce the CorkSport Adjustable Shortshifter for the Mazdaspeed 3.

Mazdaspeed Adjustable Short Shifter

CorkSports Adjustable Shortshifter was designed to adjust your shift throw by up to 35% shorter than the  plastic OEM shaft to allow for faster and more efficient shifting.

 With two ways of adjustability, you can tailor the shift position by adjusting the height of the  shift knob within a range of 4 inches and adjusting the distance of your shift throw. As a direct OEM replacement and maintaining OEM fitment, after installation you can opt to use the OEM Mazda shift knob or go for an aftermarket shift knob.

Mazdaspeed Adjustable Short Shifter

This is a great mod if you have a 6 speed manual transmission, you can install it yourself and you will clearly enjoy the new feel of the adjusted throw of your shift.

If you have a standard Mazda 3 or SkyActiv model call our sales team to be on our beta test team.

The CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3 Adjustable Shortshifter is available now!Order yours today!

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