Customer Review – Mazdaspeed Adjustable Short Shifter


As a avid driver, and a person who loves to punish my speed on the street and at the track, I’m always looking for parts that help me in any way possible.

Being able to test the short shifter, got me excited,  because anyone who has ever tried to drag race at the track knows, the 1-2 shift is the most crucial shift.  Having used several different short shift plates, and driven gen1 and gen2 speeds with full replacements, I always felt there could be room for improvement.  The short shift plates I have used in the past, no matter how much I adjusted the cables, would either cause gear grinds, or lock me out at high rpm during a flat foot shift. The full replacements, were set too low and too close, causing me to hit my pinky finger against the ashtray lid.

With this shifter, I can set it where I want it, both with the height, and with the throw. I love how it feels going into every gear, no matter how fast I shift, or just cruising around. The night I installed this, I took it out for a test to see how well it would perform. The first thing I noticed right away was how there was no longer any play, or shifter slop. And then taking it all the way thru 3rd to 7200rpm, I flat footed with zero issues. This thing is a winner. I’m confident that when I track next weekend, it will give me a bit of an advantage over the stock shifter,  and those crucial 1-2 shifts will be on point.  I’ve let several of my friends drive it with it installed, and everyone loves it.  It’s a great product, and in my opinion there is no comparison to the TWM full replacement. At more than half the cost, it’s a no brainer.
Anyways,  I will keep you informed on how it performs at the track next weekend, even though I know it will perform flawlessly.

A CorkSport Custoemr

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