Product Release! CorkSport Adjustable Rear Camber Arms

CorkSport is happy to announce the addition of the CorkSport Mazda and Mazdaspeed Adjustable Rear Camber Arms to our growing list of suspension products!

By replacing your stock camber arms with the CorkSport Adjustable Camber Arms, you will be able to adjust your suspension to accommodate for lowering springs or coilovers and fine tune your Mazda or Mazdaspeed to the appropriate camber setting needed to balance uneven tire wear and improve cornering performance.

The CorkSport Mazda and Mazdaspeed Adjustable Rear Camber Arms are made from reinforced high strength extruded bent steel tubing that is stronger, less brittle, and more durable than aluminum. The adjustability provides precision tuning by allowing for +/- 5 degrees of camber adjustment and can be easily adjusted while installed on the vehicle using just a wrench.

Unlike other adjustable camber arm options on the market, CorkSport’s unique design includes spherical bearings that replace the soft rubber bushings on the OEM camber arms, providing a true attachment to the suspension of the vehicle for improved handling and road feel.

“The CorkSport Rear Camber Arms allow you to fine tune your camber to exacting settings.” said CorkSport Engineer, Brydon Foster, “The ease of adjustability and the unique nature of the spherical bearings will provide customers with improved cornering control that can’t be outmatched by any other options on the market today.”

The CorkSport Adjustable Rear Camber Arms are available for all Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3 vehicles. They can be purchased as a set from CorkSport Mazda Performance for just $199.99 today.

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