PRESS RELEASE: CorkSport Lightweight Crank Pulley – 2011 Mazda 2

CorkSport Lightweight Crank Pulley for the 2011 Mazda 2

CorkSport’s blue anodized Aluminum Crank Pulley features a printed CS CorkSport logo with a fully anodized Aluminum pulley and black steel trigger wheel. The fully balanced pulley comes with a precision machines keyway to line up with the crankshaft for a perfect fit and easy installation. Simply remove your old pulley and install this one with no need to re-time your engine.

The best way to free up existing power is to lighten your vehicles rotating mass. The Lightweight Crank Pulley shaves 1.55 pounds off of the stock pulley’s 3.55 pounds of rotating mass for a total weight savings of 44%.

The CorkSport Lightweight Crank Pulley’s fully anodized aluminum body has very similar dampening characteristics to the stock cast steel/rubber pulley, while eliminating all of the unneeded extra mass. The precision machined trigger wheel is an exact replica of the stock trigger wheel, so you can rest assured that you will not have any issues with this pulley once installed. The pulley is machined to perfectly match the Mazda 2’s keyed crankshaft for a reliable, lighter, better looking crank pulley.

The CorkSport Lightweight Crank Pulley has been tested on our own vehicle to ensure fit, form and function. The pulley does not add power, but simply frees up existing horsespower and torque by allowing the engine to spin quicker and more efficiently.* This is very important for lower horsepower cars such as the Mazda 2.

Available Now:
As with all our CorkSport Brand Mazda Products, the Lightweight Crank Pulley ships with all the hardware you need for installation. Full color step by step installation instructions and telephone technical support are also included with your purchase.

* Wheel horsepower and torque gains will vary widely depending on your vehicles specific setup, modifications, and tune.

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