New Header and Intake for 1.6 DOHC MX3s!

CorkSport has gone back to its roots so to speak. We have been working on developing new performance parts for the MX3.

One of the parts Jason has been working on is a header for the 4 cylinder MX3s, seen below.

We are working to incorporate all of the emissions fittings for the header to make this a sensor friendly upgrade.

The second part we have been developing is an intake system for the MX3 4 cylinder model. The test vehicle shown below is the 1.6 DOHC model.

The intake we have been working with is a bolt in design which incorporates all of the fittings for the crankcase and the idle air control valve.

If you are interested in these parts let us know by submitting feedback on this blog post or contacting me at


12 Replies to “New Header and Intake for 1.6 DOHC MX3s!”

  1. hello my name is chris and i have a 94 mx3, and i cannot find a air intake for my car.
    please help

  2. Since you guys do not sell this anymore, do you have the plans for this so i can get it made at a shop?

  3. I am not sure how old this forum is, I am looking for a header for my 92 Mazda mx3 1.6L base model. I have looked everywhere I am located in western Canada and I don’t mind where it is as long as I find one. Thanks if anyone has info email me.

  4. Unfortunately, you found yourself on our blog instead of a forum, we currently no longer carry the item you’re looking for.

  5. can you provide the specs for the header you once made for the mx3 1.6 dohc. I would get one made? I just read that you no longer make them .

  6. We sold out of the header back in 2013. it was a 4-2-1- design manifold. Genie headers out of Australia might still make a header for the Mx3 or the 323 1.6 DOHC. It would be worth a look to see if they do.

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