New Years Resolutions

In order to maintain our excellent value, we regularly have to review where our efforts are best spent. Price, quality, support before/during/after the sale, shipping, packaging, and warranty all go into the value equation.

Last year we dropped 86-89 Mazda 323 and around 50 lines of products. We managed to release more products than at any time in our history last year. We launched our Knowledgebase and also began a more consumer friendly shipping policy.

Model Reductions & Eliminations

We are focusing our product line in order to offer better value to our customers through improved customer service and support.

Goodbye to the Ford Escort, Ford Probe, and Mazda 626.

We are phasing out all products for the aforementioned cars. Part sales for these cars have dropped 75% over the past few years!

Notice Mazda MX-3 & MX-6 Owners: We are leaving our catalog for those cars intact for the next 30 days. But this is probably our last year of parts sales for your car. After 30 days, we will remove all non-CorkSport Brand parts from our catalog and put remaining inventory on clearance.

In many respects, it is sad for us to have to drop these models. We started this company serving these models back in 1998. Unfortunately, the recession was the final death blow to these aging, but still great in their own right, cars.

Pending Price Changes

As previously mentioned in our blog, our prices will go up soon for many exhaust systems and components. Buy now and save 10-20% off our soon to be raised prices.

Most of our Fiberglass styling parts are for cars from the 80’s and 90’s. We’re dropping prices soon on most of those in a final attempt to increase sales. It’s very likely we’ll discontinue these parts in 2012.
Please send us your feedback. We promise to read and consider all of it.

– Rich

New Header and Intake for 1.6 DOHC MX3s!

CorkSport has gone back to its roots so to speak. We have been working on developing new performance parts for the MX3.

One of the parts Jason has been working on is a header for the 4 cylinder MX3s, seen below.

We are working to incorporate all of the emissions fittings for the header to make this a sensor friendly upgrade.

The second part we have been developing is an intake system for the MX3 4 cylinder model. The test vehicle shown below is the 1.6 DOHC model.

The intake we have been working with is a bolt in design which incorporates all of the fittings for the crankcase and the idle air control valve.

If you are interested in these parts let us know by submitting feedback on this blog post or contacting me at