Everything to Know About the New MX-5 Short Shifter

The 2016 ND Miata is a great driver’s car from the handling, steering feedback, and all of the little details Mazda put into the car. One thing I noticed in the car after driving it is that the shifter feels pretty good; notice I did not say great. As with any production car, you have to make a choice between quality and costs to deliver the best product you can.

MX-5 Short Shifter | CorkSport

Looking at this, we took apart the stock ND shifter mechanism and decided we could make it better. We started off with several designs to get a good feel for how much shorter we could make the throw without giving up the feel of the gearbox and adding too much additional effort to shift.

MX-5 Short Shifter | CorkSport

We went through a few iterations. Having your own 3D printer really helps test out the theories for components and make sure they work as intended in real life.

MX-5 Short Shifter | CorkSport

After a year of working and tweaking the design, we are happy to announce the finished product is ready to go. Made from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel, our 2016 Miata short shifter will give you the best connection with your ND. Every time you reach for the shifter and row another gear, you will be reminded of how good this shifter is. Plus, 100 percent of this shifter was designed and built in the Pacific Northwest, USA. ’Murica!

MX-5 Short Shifter | CorkSport

Like all CorkSport products, we include detailed color installation instructions and all of the needed hardware to install the ND MX-5 short shifter.

This is a part of your MX-5 that, besides the steering wheel and seat, you are in contact with more than any other part. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one up today. You will love it.



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