Goodbye 323 GTX

Goodbye 323 GTX. Goodbye Cusco, GT Spec, Pedders, Autometer, Injen, Knightsports, KVR, RE-Amemiya, Mazdaspeed, and about 50 other product lines.

You may have noticed a recent news post announcing we are phasing out Mazda 323 GTX Parts. The 1988-89 GTX (in USA) was a great car for its time. Many owners have maintained and upgraded their cars to the point they are more powerful and better handling than some of the newest cars. A remarkable testament to the car considering it is over 20 years old!

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough of them left on the road to justify further development and support. Sales have steadily declined for this car for many years. Ultimately, I think the recession was the last straw for us. Very limited inventory remains and we plan to remove this car from our catalog by the end of the year. To answer the most common question we’ve received since the official announcement last week: “Yes, a few parts will likely end up in our clearance sale”. To reflect on the most common comment we’ve received so far, “You Suck”; it is regrettable, truly. We don’t like it either, but it was ultimately our customers that made the decision for us.

We are also phasing out many product lines, as I mentioned earlier. Border, RE-Amemiya, Mazdaspeed, Knightsports, and FEED are venerable Japanese brands. They have always been slow movers for us, have long lead times for our customers, and sales volumes don’t support keeping parts in inventory. Japanese quality is exceptional, truly, and if you have the taste (and wallet) for these parts we are confident you’ll find a way to get them.

Brands like Injen, Centerforce, KVR, NGK, Unichip, Koyo, and Greddy have many products that are redundant to our own catalog. We are committed to making CorkSport parts the best value on the market but we don’t make everything. We’ve selected a few partners to fill out our product line. The remainders are being dropped from our catalog.

We’ll be launching a new approach to business early next year that builds upon our reputation for high quality parts at an excellent value and supported by the best customer service in the industry. This plan requires a commitment we cannot maintain while serving sales of other brand names. When you think “CS” will you think ‘customer service’ (pardon the lame humor)? We hope so.

There are no gimmicks here. We don’t trademark some odd spelling of a performance sounding words to trick you into believing your getting technology that is different from everything else out there. You are smart enough to recognize that sort of marketing. We could try gimmicks like free shipping but that means we inflate our prices to cover the cost (and thus it is not free to you) or we erode profits and have less opportunity to use them to serve you better. Better to know what you are paying for in my opinion.

Our goal is value. Price, quality, support before/during/after the sale, shipping, packaging, and warranty all go into the value equation. We are focusing our product line in order to offer better value to our customers through improved customer service and support.

Please send us your feedback. We promise to read and consider all of it.

– Rich

21 Replies to “Goodbye 323 GTX”

  1. Sad to here about this as Corksport was the only source for me acquiring performance parts for my 1988 323 GT such as the Corksport front strut tower bar, H&R springs, ss brake line, set of Tokico hp struts, KVR brake pads & all Pedders bushings except the rear swaybar bushing i had to wait almost 3 months for the second shipment and when the shipment arrive it was not in the batch. These were on my list to acquire from them bronze oil shifter bushings, rear strut tower bar, Cusco camber plates, brake rotors, Pedders struts & lowering springs. They just burst my bubble with this announcement.

  2. hi very dissapointed as i got 1 and was wanting shocks and uprated oild pump hope ya change ur mind
    i no of 3 other people from edinburgh with these cars and 2 folfs down england

  3. very sad and dissapointed, where i also got great parts for 323 gtx, and the best service from corksport, im hoping everyone at corksport will change their minds and go back to selling the parts again, was going to buy more parts,till i found the 323 section was gone :(. i think that the recession played a big part in the sales of the parts. thanks to all of the guys at corksport for all your help especially Derrick.

  4. are there any parts left for it? and anyone know where i can get parts if there are none left? 🙁

  5. No more 323? Blasphamy! I hope the first generation protege isn’t next on the chopping block? Please keep the fans posted.

  6. Sorry to hear that the last 323 GTX haven of great aftermarket parts is gone. It’s not just that we lost a great place to purchase parts but a great source of help and information about our great little cars. To try to maintain and upgrade a 23 year old Japanese car take’s commitment, passion and dedication. I’m sadden that Corksports love affair with the GTX has ended. Thanks for the years of support. E-mail us if you ever change your mind.

  7. does that inclued gtr bits as i was just getting excited about buying my bits being so close in the uk . . .please email me what is going on and what can u suply me with . .cheers

  8. cant believe it, weve bought 2 downpipes for turbo capri xr2s, and a festiva build, and now no more…. yall are gonna make me (dare i say it ) buy a honda for some aftermarket support huh… new mazda is utter trash (3s and 6s are junk) and the good ol mazda cars are no longer supported… what to do…

  9. This is nonsense I roll Mazda not Honda not Nissan n you guys make that happen so that bn said show us some loyalty n hold out a lil longer thank u I’m a proud gtr owner my car is known as the batmobil

  10. hi everybody, can someone tell me is mazda 323 gtr engine is a good engine for rally. pls advice me. well i newly buy this type engine and am upgrade it by installing a haltech e6x ecu. can i do more modification to make it monster.

  11. Any chance any one knows where to get parts I had 2 of the gtxs and I used one as a parts car so mow I have a 323 gtx wagon. Love the swap out its a lot more stable with the longer wheel base but I want more power I have found that the first generation miata with the 1.6 is the same top end

  12. Cork sports, its a business decision,and thank YOU, for your frank and forthright explanation.
    I just acquired a bone stock 1989 gtx., and plan on maintaining and enjoy driving it in that
    condition. I am just now realizing what a one of a kind example i have been gifted. If I can maintain its stock stasis and just enjoy the fact, its a duty as well as my pleasure.
    i commend cork sports for your business integrity and your frank dealing with reality
    success assured, continue on………..your new fan
    Timothy Pittman…..big island O WHY ee…….!

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