Counterfeits, Sherples and Buying Direct

A reader ordered a part on eBay and when it arrived it came with a copy of the CorkSport installation instructions.

I feel honored that some other companies value CorkSports quality installation instructions enough to include it with their products.

I must say it concerns me that there are customers out there buying inferior or counterfeit products when they buy from an unknown source or buying CorkSport products second hand.

On a similar note I have made that mistake when I bought some Sharpies at the dollar store thinking I’m getting a great deal on some markers.


Yes..  Read it again..  I bought Sherples not Sharpies and of course they don’t write as well or last anywhere near as long.. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive mistake but it was a lesson quickly learned.

Stick with buying direct and trusted sources. You don’t want to end up with a Sherple.

When you order from us direct your products will come with the CorkSport warranty and guarantees.

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  1. I honestly enjoy working with you guys at corksport since you guys have top notch customer service. I was super excited to read a note from one of your guys when I ordered your Turbo inlet duct pipe for the 2nd gen RX-7. I have in fact called your shop to settle a bet about Mazdaspeed motor mounts.

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