CorkSport Top Mount Intercooler Development Process

The idea for the CorkSport Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) was originally developed from a thread started by azmavhockey3 on the Mazdas247 forum. This idea exchange by Mazda owners on the forum lead to an in depth development process that included several design iterations, prototype testing, sample testing and finally production testing. The end result was the recently released CorkSport TMIC that provides solid power gains at a great value.

The following graphic demonstrates the development and testing process for the CorkSport TMIC.

(Click Here to download a pdf of the TMIC Development and Testing Infographic)

Read More About the CorkSport TMIC


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  1. You are welcome!!! Couldn’t have done it without the Support from the crowd. Most of all, thanks to Corksport! Thanks for listening to your loyal customers!

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