Our Newly Updated ECU Relocation Battery Box

Introducing, the newly updated CorkSport ECU Relocation Battery Box designed for the 2007-2013 Mazdaspeed 3. Protect your ECU, retain your OEM size battery, and provide clearance for up to a 3.5” intake!

Mazdaspeed 3 Battery Box

Exploring new manufacturing processes allowed us more flexibility in the design of the updated CorkSport ECU Relocation Battery Box. The new box features a 3-part design vs the old box and lid design. The additional component is designed with you, the customer, in mind.

The OEM battery box has a removal front panel to allow easy access and removal of the battery. The previous CorkSport ECU Relocation Battery Box did not have this feature and many of you made it very clear that that was an issue. We listened! Check it out below:

Mazdaspeed 3 Relocation Battery Box

Just like OEM, the front panel is now removable! This drastically improves the access to the battery and the ECU. If you have ever had to change the battery in your Speed then you know the significance of the removable front panel. Here it is in action:

Mazdaspeed 3 CorkSport Battery Box Installed

The new manufacturing process improved more than just design, but also the construction and material used. The CorkSport ECU Relocation Battery Box is now made from black ABS that is durable and looks nearly OEM.

Avoid the hassle of an undersized battery and the rat’s nest that goes along with relocating the ECU with the CorkSport ECU Relocation Battery Box. Want to learn more? Check out the product page and order yours today!

Meet Derrick from CorkSport. Loves racing, Mazdas, and his CS fam.

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