CorkSport Firewall Heat Shield

Have you installed a downpipe or replaced the turbo in your Mazdaspeed 3? How many times did you hit the aluminum foam heat shield on the back of the firewall and curse the damage done? We have a present for your Mazdaspeed 3: the CorkSport Firewall Heat Shield.

heat shield engine bay mazdaspeed

Sure, you could stick with the OEM shield just to destroy it again the next time you work on your mods, but ours is manufactured from 5052 aluminum and ceramic coated. It will survive being pressure washed, is made to be durable, and guaranteed to clean up the look of your engine bay.

Face it, your current OEM heat shield sticks out like a ratty POS. Pop your hood and imagine this in your engine bay instead. The difference is clear:

firewall heat shield engine bay mazdaspeed

Our Firewall Heat Shield was CAD designed specifically for the Mazdaspeed 3 engine bay, so it’ll fit like Mazda did it themselves. If you drive a 2007 to 2013 Mazdaspeed 3, you need to order this for your engine bay today!

Derrick Ambrose, CorkSport, Mazda

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