CorkSport FC RX-7 Silicone Radiator Hoses

CorkSport just debuted our first set of silicone radiator hoses. This two piece set will fit the 1986 to 1991 Mazda RX-7. Who says we forget about the rotary powered Mazdas! The radiator hose kits are designed to replace your original equipment coolant hoses and will provide superior quality, looks, and durability over the original rubber hoses. These hoses are extremely durable and hand wrapped to 4 layers thick for incredible abrasion resistance. If your current set of RX-7 radiator hoses are deteriorated, weather checked, saturated with oil and swelled up, then I suggest you retire them and replace them with our silicone radiator hoses. The three inner layers are blue with a single layer of gloss black and are specifically built for RX-7 automotive applications, not parts we just found that happened to fit.

Also in the works are the Mazdaspeed3 silicone radiator hose kits, and they should be on out on the shelf ready to ship in a couple weeks.


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