Calling all Mazda2 Owners: New Parts On the Way!

After putting almost two thousand miles on our new Mazda 2, we have already added our own touches to the car to make it a true CorkSport vehicle. The two pictures below shows our CorkSport License Plate Relocation Bracket, which has been modified from the current Mazda 3 application to not only to fit on the passenger side of the vehicle, but also with a prototype Lexan frame (Production part would be a black opaque Lexan with our new CS logo etched on the face if we do go with Lexan). It utilizes the stock tow hook location so no drilling or cutting is required.

Another new product we have in the works for release in the near future is and LED kit that would replace the license plate, hatch, and interior lights with LED’s (license plate light can be seen in picture below reflecting off the ground). The kit would also include two LED amber blinker bulbs (for the front blinkers) with built in resistors to keep flash rates normal, but with an updated and refined look. Additionally, we are getting ready to release a fog/DRL light kit (shown in the picture below) for the 2 as well as the 3, 6, CX-7 and RX-8. As you can see in the picture below, the 23 LED bulbs put off a 6,000K color, which matches the LED light kits that we currently sell.

Finally, we are finishing up testing and validation of our CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake for the Mazda 2. It includes all of the features of past CS SRI kits such as a silicone coupler, T-bolt clamps, and a machined and anodized MAF housing (anodized version not shown in picture) and CS logo etched post anodizing.

Look for all these products to be available in the very near future. Don’t see a product in the works for your 2 that you want to see made? Have an idea for any other part you want to see get made? Submit a product idea here.


6 Replies to “Calling all Mazda2 Owners: New Parts On the Way!”

  1. Any reason as to why you may opt for lexan over aluminum for the license plate relocation bracket? Cheaper production and material costs would be my guess?

  2. Lexan is about the same cost as the aluminum plates. We were just looking into something that would be lighter, but still keep its shape after light impacts.

  3. the only thing i dont like about the intake is that you need to leave most of the old 1 there!!! dislike that

  4. With the ECU mounted on top of the stock piping it is hard to remove. We could look at an ECU bracket but I am not sure if people would want to pay for it.

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