New 2016 MX-5 Lowering Springs

Track tested and racer approved, the CorkSport Sport Springs are a perfect match for your daily driven 2016 MX-5. The CorkSport Sport Springs give the MX-5 an aggressive look without sacrificing functionality or ride quality.

Give your new Miata an aggressive look and enhanced driving experience.

Multiple spring rates were tested at Portland International Raceway to determine the best spring rate and front/rear combination to enhance the MX-5’s driving experience while maintaining a comfortable daily driver. Check out the track day blog!

Give your 2016 MX-5 an aggressive look and enhanced driving experience.

The CorkSport Sport Springs provide a drop of 1.6” in the front and 1.1” in the rear. This provides an aggressive look without having to worry about every speedbump and parking lot entrance. You might even notice a slight forward “rake.” This was by design so that the car sits level with two occupants.

Enhance your 2016 MX5 driving experience with the CorkSport lowering spring.

Pair the CorkSport Sport Springs with CorkSport front and rear swaybars for the ultimate corner carving MX-5. Plus, the springs are designed to work with the OEM Standard and Club model struts for an easy installation.

Your new 2016 Miata deserves an enhanced driving experience with CorkSport lowering springs.

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