Veterans Helping Veterans With Mazdas

Our very own CorkSport sponsored driver Matt Kellogg was featured in the news in his home state of Texas for his help with honoring wounded warriors. We’ve known for a while how special Matt is and we think it’s fantastic that he is getting some more exposure for his cause. But enough of our bragging about him, check out the video below and get just a glimpse of what we’ve seen from him.

Thanks again to Matt for his service to his country and to others in need!

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  1. Go to the link or better yet GIFT send a donation to on PayPal to help us get this car on the track! I am keeping all records of purchases as well so I can prove the money is being used to get the car ready and to continue its journey well after the donations end for this period. Fundrazr takes 7.2% by the time it makes it to PayPal but either way is good, please help us get the the races and start supporting the wounded vets with ride alongs and exhibits! We’d like to get it done before veterans day if at all possible!:)

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