The Summer of CorkSport

CorkSport Mazdaspeed6 Rear Diff Mount

At CorkSport we are working hard on innovative new products. We know that you want to see parts that push the envelope and make you excited. We strive to be the go to source for everything you do to your Mazda, and to do that, we are working on new exciting products that the other guys aren’t going to be able to copy. With our team of engineers and our experience as the #1 Mazda performance company we are working tirelessly to bring out the best products on the market this year.

CorkSport Big Intake Battery Box

We’re calling it: “The Summer of CorkSport” and you’re invited. In the coming months you will be seeing some of the most exciting and inventive parts available on the Mazda market. We’ve reached out to you, asked questions, found needs and we’ve listened to make these parts a reality for you. Stay tuned for the next few months to see the most releases the Mazda community has ever seen in one year from any company.

CorkSport Mazdaspeed Big Brakes

Also, make sure your voice is heard by visiting our website and submitting your own product idea!!!

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7 Replies to “The Summer of CorkSport”

  1. SHAWING!!!! (those that are old enough to remember Wayne’s World)
    Those Calipers are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. It is REALLY cool to see a company that has been around as long as you guys STILL catering to us Mazda guys……Brakes look amazing!

  3. Awsome stuff! Always love reading these blogs! Will there be other options of colors for the calipers? Lets Say Red?

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