What’s in the Pipeline for the 2014+ Mazda3?

Here at CorkSport, we are always working toward the next new product. We create our catalog just like you build your cars. Since there’s so much in development, we thought we would give you all a glimpse into what’s coming for the 2014+ GEN3 Mazda 3.

2.5L SkyActiv-G Turbo Kit

Let’s start with the big one since you’ve all been asking for updates: the 2.5 Liter Skyactive Turbo Kit. We are still making steady progress and are more excited than ever for this Mazda3 Turbo. Our functional turbo kit prototypes are slowly starting to arrive, meaning we are inching closer and closer to having our Mazda3 test car on the dyno (with added turbo noises). Stay tuned folks; this is going to be a fun one!

2014-2016 Mazda 3/6/CX-5 Motor Mounts


We already showed you the new and improved CorkSport Rear Motor Mount, but there’s more to come with the CorkSport Transmission Motor Mount. Check out the CAD model above to see what we’re talking about. Keep tabs on the CS blog for more info on the design and function of this motor mount soon.

2014-2016 Mazda 3 Skid Tray

The CorkSport skid trays have been consistently requested for the Mazdaspeed models; so much, that we brought them back for both the Mazdaspeed3 and the Mazdaspeed6. Now we are providing the same benefits to Mazda3 owners. We just received and test fit our first prototype skidplate, and it’s looking very promising moving forward.

2014+ Mazda 3 Suspension Kit

Need some extra handling and style for your Mazda3 but don’t want the hassle of lowering springs? We have created a kit that includes the CorkSport lowering springs, adjustable shocks/struts, and camber plates all assembled with OE accessories and ready to install. No spring compressors needed, for ease of installation. Coming soon…

2014+ Mazda 3 Front Sway Bar

Reducing overall roll or “sway” can drastically change your Mazda’s handling characteristics. We should be receiving our first prototype to test fit on our Mazda3 any day now are excited to see how it complements the CorkSport rear sway bar. Oh, and the new front sway bar is 3-way adjustable just like our ND Miata sway bars!

2014-2016 Mazda 3 Steering Wheel

Last, but not least, our leather steering wheel will be making a comeback in the coming months. Featuring a similar profile to the CorkSport Mazdaspeed3 steering wheels, it is designed to increase confidence in both aggressive and daily driving while staying comfortable and stylish.

As you can see, we are staying busy with the newest generations of Mazda here at CorkSport, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing we are focused on.

We still have plenty of upcoming products for you Mazdaspeed guys and gals, and for some platforms you may not be expecting. Keep tabs on the CS blog, Instagram and Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss anything!

Until next time,

-Daniel @ CorkSport

Double Product Release! CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Motor Mount

CorkSport is happy to announce a special double release of the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Motor Mounts!

You might be asking yourself right about now, “There are a lot of motor mounts on the market, what makes yours so different?”

Excellent question!

Let’s start with the Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 Rear Motor Mount. Designed as a direct replacement of the OEM motor mount, the CorkSport Rear Motor Mount provides improved handling and shifting by replacing your factory mount and rubber bushings with an upgraded mount and urethane thrust surface for added stiffness and improved driver responsiveness.

We designed the urethane thrust surface to be larger than other products on the market. We found this provides the added stiffness you desire while maintaining the comfortable ride you want and reducing the effect of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) in your cabin.

What’s more our CorkSport Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 Rear Motor Mount is a 2 for 1! We have designed the part to allow customers to easily swap between our 70 and 80 durometer urethane for an easy transition between daily driving and track days!

The Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 Rear Motor Mount is powder coated black and includes zinc coated sleeves for a durable, long lasting life.

Now, onto the Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Motor Mount. This part has been designed as a single piece that again maintains your OEM fitment, but replaces the factory bushings with large urethane thrust surfaces for improved handling and shifting while maintaining ride quality.

This high quality, great looking part is black anodized with the zinc coated sleeves for a long lasting, durable finish. Available in 70 durometer urethane, the CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Motor Mount has also been designed with a larger thrust surface for better handling without all the NVH associated with other stiffer and smaller urethane surfaces on the market.

You can purchase your CorkSport Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Motor Mount today from CorkSport.com

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