Interior LED Light Set for 2016+ Mazda CX-3 and Mazda CX-9

Sometimes it’s the simplest changes to a vehicle that can really make a difference.  A crisp and well-lit interior makes for a surprising improvement. CorkSport is proud to announce that we now have LED kits for 2016+ Mazda CX-3 and 2016+ Mazda CX-9.  

The CorkSport LED Light Kit replaces all interior and some exterior lights that are normally yellow incandescent bulbs.  All CorkSport LEDs are the 7000k color for a pleasant, but bright and clear illumination.

Check out a comparison of the CorkSport LEDs vs the standard incandescent bulb.  

Sure, you can probably find some random lower-quality LEDs online, but only at CorkSport will you get a complete kit with exactly the bulbs you need along with color installation instructions, a CorkSport tin and top notch customer service.  

-BS @ CS

2016+ CX-3 LED KIT         

2016+ CX-9 LED KIT         

CorkSport Mazda Miata LED Lighting Kit

CorkSport is pleased to add the new Mazda ND Miata LED Lighting Kit to our growing list of products designed to enhance the look and performance of the new Mazda MX5 models!

Mazda Lighting Kit | CorkSport

This kit expands CorkSport’s line of LED light kits specifically designed for Mazda and Mazdaspeed model vehicles and has been customized for the Miata. Designed to replace the standard yellowish lights with cool white/blue ambient light, this kit gives your car an enhanced look in the interior of the vehicle and license plate lighting.

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Product Release! CorkSport LED Underhood Lighting Kit

CorkSport is pleased to announce the addition of a new Mazda Underhood LED lighting kit to its list of enhanced lighting options for Mazda and Mazdaspeed vehicles.

This brand new accessory builds on the success of CorkSport’s line of LED light kits for Mazda and Mazdaspeed vehicles by adding a lighting kit that will cast a cool white ambient light onto the engine bay when the hood is lifted and provide a brightly lit area for under the hood installs and enhance the look of your engine.

Connected directly to the battery, this low draw device includes 18 LED lights housed in a protective, durable, flexible plastic casing that will mold seamlessly to the underside of your hood with provided 3M adhesive tape. The kit comes all necessary hardware including a pin switch for easy connection to the battery and hours of uninterrupted light that automatically shuts off when the hood is closed.

“The demand for CorkSport’s LED lighting solutions for Mazda and Mazdaspeed vehicles has been immense,” said CorkSport founder Derrick Ambrose, “Now we have an option that enhances the look of your engine and is a practical application when you’re working on your car in dim lighting conditions.”

This user friendly accessory is priced at just $35.00 and takes only 20 minutes to install. A kit can be purchased today from at