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Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazda 3 LED Light Kit 2010-2013

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Enhance the look of your interior by adding custom LED interior lights. CorkSport's LED light kit replaces the incandescent bulbs for the dome light, map lights, rear hatch light (or trunk if you have a sedan), glove box light, visor lights, and license plate lights. The lights simply plug in with no custom adapters or wiring required.

The CorkSport Advantage:

  • Blue-White Color: 7000k color temperature that enhances interior colors compared with the yellowish light emitted by incandescent bulbs.
  • Retains the interior dimming light feature in the Mazda 3 and Mazdaspeed 3.
  • Longer lifespan than the standard bulbs used in the 2010-2013 Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3.
  • LED lights generate less heat
  • Resist shock and vibration better
  • Lower power draw
  • CorkSport Support and Service: The kit includes 9 LED bulbs and includes vehicle specific installation instructions. Installation of the LED lights takes 30 minutes and requires only two small screw drivers.

How To Install your Mazdaspeed 3/Mazda 3 LED Light Kit

It will take you 1 hour to install with our easy-to-use instructions.


1 Hour Install Time

1 hr Install

Difficulty: 1/5

1/5 Difficulty



easy to install Mazdaspeed 3 LED

Do yourself a favor... buy this freaking kit. It's beyond a night and day difference in not only lighting, but it makes the interior look so much nicer, like it's bathed in a subtle glow.
Just got these bulbs 4 hours ago, installed them within 20 minutes. They are so much brighter than the oe bulbs and the white-blue looks great on my 2011 celestial blue speed3. Once again Corksport kills it with the quality.
Super simple and quick to install! Instructions were great and easy to follow. The light is so much brighter!

My only tip would be about the glove compartment light. Once I had the glove box off the clips, I couldn't take out the bulb out of the assembly. I had to unscrew and take the entire bulb assembly out before I could change the bulb. Really not a big deal!
Love the light from the leds. Worth the money. Easy install--even the glovebox bulb is no drama.
Seriously bright LED's! Almost too bright at night when they come on when you turn your car off, they can give your eyes a shock! They look great on my '12 Mazdaspeed3, especially the plate lighting. I'm very glad I went for the Corksport kit over buying other LED kits I found online. I previously tried another kit from a different company on my '05 3 GT and they don't compare to these bulbs, the Corksport kit has much brighter, higher quality LED's, and they all fit perfectly. It was the most complete kit I could find for my car online. Took me no more than 20 mins to replace all the interior bulbs and plate bulbs including the slighty tighter to get at glovebox bulb. Only tool I needed was a small flat blade screwdriver for popping off covers and a philips screwdriver for the glovebox. It would be worth using a plastic trim tool for better chance against snapping any plastic lenses. (Just be careful, have patence and the small flat blade should be fine). They come with excellent instructions for those who need them, I definitely would recommend these kits!
This was a super easy install, which took me about 10-15 minutes... outside at night.

The difference is huge, and it makes my black leather interior look so much sexier!
I installed hear lights almost 2 and a half years ago. My very first purchase from Corksport and I must say they are very easy to install (minus the glove box because I have big hands) . The color is very good and bright. Much better than the yellow incandensent bulbs. These also last much longer and can come in handy at night time. Only issue I've had was the license plate lights because I've had them burn out on me because of the dust that gets into that lens, but a quick talk with Corksport and they sent me new ones that come with a protective cap so that shows their A++ customer service. You guys make great products
The install was very easy I'm glad corksport made a full color instructions for all their products.The led's look so Amazing at night it gives the car a clean look .i was a bit worried i would break Something but i read the instructions made it so easy . Thanks corksport
I didn't realize how bright these things are, and they're awesome. I'm more so excited about the trunk and license plate lights. The stock bulbs on both don't give off very much light, but now even at night the trunk/cargo area on my Speed 3 is bathed in white-blue light. I don't have to worry about using a flashlight. The license plate lights flood the ground below the rear of the car with light, it just looks a lot cleaner and I definitely would recommend this kit if you want a simple yet very helpful cosmetic mod.
Very good kit, makes a HUGE difference compared to the stock bulbs. Very easy to install, all except the glove box (instructions were not very clear), I have a 2013 and nowhere did the instructions say that there is a 2nd screw to remove. I ended up taking the door off and discovered the screw at the bottom, took that one off and then proceeded to take the whole glove box out. After that everything when well.

A+ for fast shipping
Got this as a gift for Father's Day, and I can't say enough good things about it.

This solved a big problem for me. I frequently load the cargo area at night, and without this, it's almost impossible to see. The kit is easily 5x brighter in the cargo area.

As for the company, great price, fast shipping, helpful and clear directions, easy install. You've earned a rabid fan in this Mazda-only house.

Took me 15 mins to install all the lights and I couldn't be more pleased they are really bright good quality lights
Easy install. Night and day difference with these bulbs. Totally worth it.
Very easy to install, very bright and useful! Highly suggested!
Great product. Packaged well. Arrived fast. Customer service was great when I called for help. Tips for installing 1: the silver trim above the glove box pulls out with the glove box. Be careful when pulling the trim it's flimsy. 2: make sure your head lights are on when you install the glove box light. It will not work unless you head light are on.
3rd of three Items installed today. Super easy, whole car took about a half hour. Glove box is really the only tricky part. Love the extra light it provides.
Love them would order again if I needed to! So bright! Very easy to install.
Easy to install. Take your time with the glove box Took 20 mins to do all lights. Looked so awesome my girlfriend got jealous and I had to order a set for her.
First thing I bought for my new 2012 MS3! Not car savvy in the slightest, but easy install. Thanks Corksport, I definitely see further purchases from you in the future!
Love the look and it was a very easy install. Only issue that I have come across is that the two front dome lights tend to flicker. I have switched the front and back dome lights bulbs to see if that would help, but no luck.
Another quick and easy interior modification for your 3. Installation is a piece of cake. I've gotten a lot of compliments on the lights especially with individuals who normally don't pay attention to detail with cars. Great product!
any word on an led reverse light kit?

What is the one tiny led supposed to be used for? There is no mention of it in the instructions.

CorkSport Reply:There is an extra LED for either the hatch of sedan models, you will have 1 un-used LED in the kit.
cant wait for these to come in a few days!!

Best upgrade you could inside your car! Corksport is the best!
How blue are the lights? I have 5k hids and i want them to match.

CorkSport Reply:There is some blue to them but it is not much.
Installed on my 2012 mazdaspeed took about 15 minutes toughest part was the license plate lights. Love how bright they are.
Easy to install, even for someone that has never done any kind of upgrade to their car, and they look AMAZING
I just ordered these. Cant wait to install them. Does the kit include a bulb for the glove box?

CorkSport Reply: Yes there is a bulb for the glove box.
another very easy install. careful with the rear bumper tag lights. the brackets look very fragile.
Easy install, BIG aesthetic difference for sure. VERY good instructions! Thanks!
If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive upgrade to make your 3 stand out this is it. Put these in my 2010 Mazda 3 and they are easy to install (although glove box light can be a little tricky). Never really noticed my interior lights before but now even in the daytime the LED's really stick out. They look great at night. Highly recommended.
Looks great. Cools the color down quite a bit. Tend to shimmer on occasion though.
I had china brand led bulbs and decided to swap to corksport led kit. My God what a difference in illumination. Car looks very luxurious now. This kit definitely is a most on any mazda 3. You won't regret the purchase, trust me! These people from corksport are pros when it comes to development and quality, top notch!
just a question does the glove box light turns off when you close it? im just wondering. is there a on off senson when you close it?

CorkSport Reply: There is a switch for the light in the glove box.
I picked this kit up for my 2013 mazdaspeed3. Took 5 minutes to install everything. So slick now.
Easy installation takes less than a minute to swap each light and really adds style to the interior.
these are the best LEDS every
This is one of my favorite upgrades installed on my 2011 M3S GT. It took me about 10 minutes for all bulbs, but that's because I was super careful and took my sweet time. It really makes the interior feel more luxurious and new.

My gf loves the visor LED, but I don't because it means makeup finds its way in my car now.
I love it! It's amazing how just changing the bulbs changes the look and feel of the interior. The directions were clear and the installation was easy. Great product and the best thing you can do for your 3.
these led lights are awesome! really makes your speed3 stand out =]

fast and easy to install. worth buying!
Great product from CorkSport! Fast shipping, great packaging, easy to install with great instructions, and love the look of the light!
It's amazing the difference in the brightness of the LED bulbs. It took me 15 min to install and it's just amazing the difference, only question I have is how long are these bulbs suppose to last ?
I have had these for a few months now and I still love the way they look. Took me 10 minutes to install all the bulbs and I can't imagine my car without them. It is such a bright but cool white light that not only enhances the look of my car but enhances visibility when I am trying to find something at night
They look great, it looks completely different in my car now. Thanks, Corksport!!!
Everything went in without a hitch. The instructions were great, the packaging was better than I could have imagined (very nice tin) and I even got some Valentine Skittles from "Jen". The lights are what the car should have gotten with the Tech package from the factory. The color temperature matches much better with the dash lights and HID's on my 2013 and I can actaully see what's in my cargo area now. I'll be ordering the LED fog lamps next!
Love these LED's. Did this install about a year ago now and still think they are great. They are so much better than stock bulbs. They have a nice cool white-blue'ish color which is so much better than they glaring yellowish of the stockers. Amazing light dictates I will go LED for interior moving forward on any car I own. Install was easy at less than 30 minutes. Which includes the plate bulbs which are a little more finicky to get out and reinserted but be patient and dont bully them into place. Love the compliments that I get for these too.
No problems, easy install, great lighting, and a reasonable price. Must have!!
Great product. Makes the car look much better at night. Love the light in the trunk as I can now see what I'm grabbing at night. Install was a breeze, if you can change a light bulb you can do this install. Glove box light was a bit tricky but doable. Like Corksport said in the instructions, you can skip that one if you aren't comfortable doing it though.
Amazing LED system. super bright, I can actually see. and especially the lic plate light. makes the car look awsome. I recommend this on every mazda, and easy to install
Shipping was fast! It was a quick installation and now I'm loving it. Makes me want to sit in my car forever with the lights on. Only thing is, my friend and I couldn't get the glovebox led light in. (2012 ms3) And we werent sure what the last piece was for, which was the very small led. Other than that, I love this kit!
Shipping was fast! It was a quick installation and now I'm loving it. Makes me want to sit in my car forever with the lights on. Only thing is, my friend and I couldn't get the glovebox led light in. (2012 ms3) And we werent sure what the last piece was for, which was the very small led. Other than that, I love this kit!
Very bright and it just changes everything about your vehicle.
Very easy to install all the bulbs... only issue was accessing the glove box light for the skyactiv, had to work at it fora lil while. But all is good.

Thanks Cork Sport.
The lights make a huge difference! The lights really do brighten up the interior a lot more and the license plate light looks better under the blue/white look. Thanks for make a awesome simple product Corksport!
The LED lights on the interior of my 2012 Mazda3 from CorkSport is awesome! Very cool addition to the car. Looks really amazing and brightens up the interior. Very fast shipping and the customer service is optimal. Keep designing and putting out new aftermarket goods. I can promise that I will be doing future business with CorkSport and will recommend CorkSport to any Mazda owner. Hint Hint....I'd love to buy some LED DRL's for underneath the fog lights on my 2012 Mazda3. I've bought two different LED DRL's from different companies and they both do not fit nor look good as if CorkSport designing something to fit perfectly underneath the fog lights. There are spots already cut out for it. Just nothing out there to fit in there for a perfect fit. Go CorkSport!!! I know you guys can design something cool. Like all your current products you guys offer. Keep up the awesome work CorkSport!! =)
VERY cool white/blue lighting. the rear plate LED set is my favorite of all, really completes the look at night from the outside. the interrior brightness will take some getting used to, but looks amazing!
These lights change the entire look and feel of your interior and make everything look much more vivid and clean. This is a must buy for Mazda owners.
Very easy to install. I had the wedges turned backwards on the License plate install and Tyler from corksport called me and did the trouble shooting with me on the phone. Great product and even better support! Going to buy more upgrades from Corksport for sure!
I Love this LED Light kit, well worth the money!! Nice job on these Corksport!!
This is a must have upgrade for any Mazda owner! Super fast shipping and very easy install, took me about 30 minutes to do all of it. These are so bright I leave the front Map lights off and just have the rear dome light set for auto on, not to mention I can now see whats in my hatch when getting stuff out at night!

Also want to say that after about a week I started to have a problem with one of the bulbs not wanting to work 75% of the time and most of the time it was very very dim. Sent Corksport an email on a Saturday night and had a reply Monday saying they would send me a replacement bulb free of charge, and had it within 3 days at my door!

Talk about some great customer service!

Two Thumb Up!
Looks amazing and excellent price! Glove box was a bit tough. Also, be careful with the vanity light covers as they are brittle. 2012 Mazdaspeed 3
Another sweet product by Corksport. When you put these in your car, it really shows you how bad the stock ones are. Thanks Corksport!
Another awesome product from Corksport. What a difference between these LED's and the stock bulbs. I can see everything in the car now at night. Looks even better and was a breeze to install. A must have!
Due to the better lighting I found things in my car that I thought I had lost Thanks Corksport!
now i can actually see in the cabin, not only does it look awesome but the install was a breeze... hardest part was the glove box, and that for me was a cinch... seriously you need this for your car, pics dont do this justice
The best
Don't hesitate - buy them now! The license plate lights are awesome. VLED footwell kit is better for the trunk, but CS does an excellent job on all the other lights!
wow never saw this fast delivery in my entire life, no bad comments at all ! everything worked fine and looked pretty well ! thanks corksport, also very nice sticker! :)
Awesome Product. Came fast, packaged nicely, high quality "Made In Korea" LEDs. Great color and lights the interior nicely. Highly Recommend it!
Easy to install, just be careful with glovebox. Really brightens up the interior look. Pun intended.
Great color fast shipping and really easy install
fast shipping well package and very very bright light, installs in mins little to no skill needed.
Great colour, easy install. Left with 3 extra bulbs, which is disappointing. Excited to order more products from CorkSport!
they look great! i love them :)
my friend got me this for my it!!
Great Kit! Very easy to install. Glovebox light is the most involved, but really not difficult. This is a must have for any MS3 or 3.
quick and easy, looks great!
Installed very quick. The glove box is a little pain. Done in 20 minutes. They look great.
installed very quickly. Hardest one to install was the glove box. all of the bulbs were worth the time though...great color over stock. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!
Was an easy install. Overall pretty satisfied. If you have the hatchback you end up not using all the bulbs which is kind of disappointing.
install took 20 min. hardest part of install was the glovebox light. night and day difference. well worth it !
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I have a 2012 skyactiv sedan. The only reason I would consider this is the trunk light. The stock one doesn't light the trunk compartment up at all, makes it impossible to find things in the dark. Does the trunk light included with this kit actually light the trunk compartment up nicely?

Asked by Eric | 03/30/2015, 07:26 AM | 1 answer(s)

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