Help Build the Mazdaspeed of Your Dreams

You may remember that we had to get a new shop testing vehicle after our last Mazdaspeed 3’s untimely demise See here; but what you may not know is how much time and effort was put into that car. Building a rolling showcase isn’t easy, cheap or quick. We were sad to see it go but now have a brand new canvas to start over on.

Our Genpu

With our new speed we decided to go white, with that pearly white paint job we wanted to go towards a “panda” style going forward, mixing white and black parts in our build. We have started with a few small black and white things (intake, BOV, etc.). We’re really looking for input from you to really make this car unforgettable.

CorkSport new Mazdaspeed 3

We’re looking at every detail to try to make an overall car that hasn’t been seen before that goes deeper than just bolting things on. We want to try new things, make combinations that have never been seen before and really try to make something that you would want if you never had to make a compromise.

Corksport White Intake

Check us out on Facebook and let us know what you think we should add to this car to make it really unique.

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  1. Best of luck with the new ms3 Corksport. A nice twist on this build would be to see how much power one of your tmic’s can produce, seeing as ECT’s become a problem / somewhat high on the ms3 when a fmic is installed and the gen2’s hood scoop works well.

    E85 for fuel, a smallish turbo with some torque potential would be cool as well and fit in with many of your mods being some are suspension oriented.

    A single exit exhaust comes to mind too.

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