Derrick Ambrose and the Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide

Recently our own Derrick Ambrose here at CorkSport released a book about modifying Mazda’s titled “The Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide”. I sat down to speak with him about it.

Front cover of the Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide CorkSport


CorkSport (Joel): Derrick, first off let’s get the bias questions out of the way. Obviously you work here so many will assume this is just a book to sell CorkSport parts. What is it exactly that you do at CorkSport?

Derrick: Thanks Joel, in addition to being one of the founders, I am the Sales and Motorsports manager.

CorkSport: What made you decide to write a book about Mazda Performance and why?

Derrick: I really just wanted to give some of the new enthusiasts some of the knowledge that I have gained about Mazda’s from my involvement with them since the mid 90’s. Many people are just now buying their first Mazda and don’t really know where to begin. I wanted to help ease them into what they really need to know. It can be quite scary for some to jump into modifying or go into the forums and not know anything.

CorkSport: We know all about the forums haha.

Derrick: Exactly, the purpose of the book was to help give people a path and empower them with information that may take a lot of years or a lot of searching to find. I didn’t want it to just be about selling CorkSport parts, we actually mention, and feature, many non-CorkSport parts in the book. That being said, I’m very proud of CorkSport and what we have done to help the Mazda community.

Inside pages of the Mazda Performance Guide CorkSport

CorkSport: So who is this book really for?

Derrick: I wrote this guide for the beginner to intermediate enthusiast that really wants to learn more and really get the most bang for their buck. I wanted to answer some of the most common questions I’ve seen on the forums and in person. If you have changed your turbo or are cross-weighing your coil-overs, you are probably past this book in terms of technical ability. I did however, include many sources for additional information, contacts and even a brief history of Mazda itself; which is a topic I may even write another book on for the true Mazda fanatic.

CorkSport: I see, what do you think was the most challenging thing about creating a book?

Derrick: Everything, (laughs). When you have no idea what you’re doing, it takes a LOT more time than you could ever imagine. I was lucky to have a lot of help from some truly amazing people and am very grateful to all of them. Writing a book is a much bigger endeavor than I would have every thought, but having an actual piece of history afterwards is truly a special moment. Having that glossy cover in my hands, seeing the ISBN on the back and knowing that I will be in the Library of Congress forever is just an amazing feeling. It’s weird how just making a book can make you feel patriotic, but it really did. I honestly cannot wait to write another book.

CorkSport: Well hopefully we can talk you into signing a few for us and we look forward to help making the next one. Thanks for letting us get a little more insight into this great addition to the Mazda community.

Derrick: Thanks, I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did making it. If just one person gets the mod bug I did when I was younger because of this book then I will be happy.

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2 Replies to “Derrick Ambrose and the Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide”

  1. Hi Derrick – congrats on the book-release!
    So you´re one of the founders of CorkSport! – I can attest through Facebook how,by and large,you have a true following – and deservedly so!I´m a fan of your aftermarket parts as well,although so far I´ve only installed the Mazda 2 SRI and Cold Air Duct.Other components I´d like to install are a full exhaust system and the shifter – of course this is on stand by until I have the front swaybar issue settled with you people – I would have thought you would keep me posted like once a month,until the new swaybars were approved – I recall you telling me the former batch were not up to the normal standard…but what really irks me is that you had no idea when the newer batch would be available!Jeez!
    Regards anyhow –
    Clifton Aguiar.

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