Could We Have a NEW Mazdaspeed This Year?

We’ve seen rumors about the next Mazdaspeed float around for the past two years on a consistent basis. The only thing more consistently seen is the question of when it will arrive.

This year?

Next year?

Next decade?


Recent reports have stated that the 2015 Frankfurt Auto show (which takes place in September) is going to have the concept of the all-new Mazdaspeed 3.

If so, this could be our first glimpse at the next generation of our favorite turbo Mazda! I wouldn’t hold your breath for too much info, though. Whether a new MS3 will debut or not, this will probably just be a concept car for eye candy. I would expect details on the car to be at least another year out.

In the meantime, we still believe the rumors that the next generation Mazdaspeed 3 should be soon. Stats like 300hp, AWD, hatchback, and a price tag of about $30,000-$35,000 get thrown around a lot. Mazda will probably use the 2.5L SkyActiv engine, which could be fantastic since that would mean placing a turbo on a current 2.5L SkyActiv would not only be possible, but hopefully relatively simple.

Let’s all hope for the best, and maybe we will see a concept and more info in September!

Stay Tuned!


*Prices reflect the current pricing at the time of the blog writing


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  1. well i hope they do a turbo on a SkyActiv then you can look into making turbo kits for N/A Mazda 3

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